Erin Napier on Her Husband Ben’s Support: ‘Thank You for Everything You Do for Us’

Erin Napier on Her Husband Ben’s Support:  ‘Thank You for Everything You Do for Us’

By Movieguide® Staff

HGTV star Erin Napier recently gave birth to her second daughter, Mae, on May 28 and shared that she is thankful to her husband and her daughter’s father, Ben Napier.

On Instagram, Erin shared how Ben supported the family throughout her pregnancy and time with the newborn. 

“If he’s not scooping me up off the sofa as I’m still recovering from surgery, he’s mixing a bottle or taking Helen swimming,” Erin wrote. “And I have kissed him every time he’s in arm’s reach because I know exactly how lucky we all are. 😍.” 

Erin continued: “A reminder for those with spouses: tell them often – ‘thank you for everything you do for us.’ and MEAN IT.”


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Ben responded in the comments saying, “Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us.”

Mae is the younger sister to the Napier’s first child, 3-year-old Helen. Helen was born 10 years after Erin and Ben got married. 

“While we are excited to have another daughter to love, we are more excited to see the bond she and Helen will have,” the couple told People Magazine. “They’re already so in love with each other!”

Movieguide® previously reported on the Napier’s experience with pregnancy: 

In 2017, Erin became pregnant with their first daughter Helen. However, in 2014 doctors discovered that Erin had a perforated appendix and had to get surgery. Although the surgery successfully repaired the issue, doctors warned Erin about her ability to carry a baby to full term.

“I was really, really scared. They said I could likely get pregnant but told me it could be difficult to carry a baby full-term,” Erin explained. “I was terrified to even try, because what if I can’t, and then I’m just devastated? What if we try, and something awful happens and it’s this tragic loss for us?”

The potential complications led Erin and Ben to think about the pregnancy as a process. They were hesitant to celebrate when Erin became pregnant with Helen.

“When it happened with Helen, I felt incredibly relieved with that first step: ‘Well, I am pregnant. It doesn’t mean that I will have a baby.’ You have to accept that part of it when you have some strange health issues,” Erin said. “It’s an incredibly sensitive process—that’s why we kept it a secret forever. Literally, tomorrow wasn’t promised, and it felt best not to make a fuss. It’s such a tender subject.”

Despite Helen coming three weeks early, the baby was healthy and made Ben and Erin excited for their second daughter.

“I’m less nervous now,” Erin said. “I know what to expect and they say no two babies are the same, but boy, I hope they are.”

“Helen was a dream,” Ben added.


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