Former Hollywood Vocal Coach Shares How God Transformed Her Calling

Screenshot from Kira Fontana YouTube channel

Former Hollywood Vocal Coach Shares How God Transformed Her Calling

By Movieguide® Staff

Kira Fontana, a Hollywood celebrity vocal coach for significant labels and shows like THE VOICE and GLEE, shared how God revealed to her the spiritual forces in secular music and encouraged her to write a worship album about spiritual warfare.

“It’s darker than most people could ever imagine,” Fontana told The Christian Post. “If you look at the content of the lyrics of the songs that are played on the radio, it’s unbelievably immoral and dark and anti-Jesus. When I started to see the sheer percentage of songs and videos that were leaning heavily in that direction I came to recognize that it could not be an accident. People in very powerful positions are backing it; there are gatekeepers who are wanting this content that we hear now to be prevalent in our society.

“It’s akin to poisoning our community, and our kids are drinking from a very, very, very destructive cup,” Fontana added. “I saw the effect on kids as I worked in the city, and that effect is spreading. LA is the communication center for this planet; when you go to other countries, you still see content made in Los Angeles. It became a really heavy responsibility.”

Although at the time Fontana was an unbeliever, Fontana felt called away from the secular industry.

“I would always follow my dreams and do what I thought I was supposed to do, but I always had this sense, when I would get really close to something, that it wasn’t the right thing, whether it was a big record deal or a big gig,” Fontana recalled. “It was frustrating. I just felt like, at that time in my life, I had explored every path I could think of and none of them was a fit.”

Finally, in 2017, Fontana decided to wrestle with her faith and eventually came to a genuine commitment to Christ.

“After about a year of really wrestling, I really did commit my life finally, to Christ, and just kind of lay it all down. At that point, I started praying for God to show me how to use the gifts He had given me to glorify Him,” Fontana said.

But even as a believer, Fontana struggled to find her calling.

“God, why did you even make me?” Fontana asked at one point. “It was just a really hard time, and it was a really honest prayer. I desperately wanted God to reveal Himself and show me my purpose.”

Through that time of prayer, Fontana got the inspiration for her first song, which she later called “Refuge.”

“It was the first song I had heard in a really long time, and I used to hear music all the time,” Fontana said. “It was this amazing realization over the next several months, as God gave me song after song after song, that His answer to my prayer was, ‘I made you to worship me.'”

Shortly after, Fontana released her first worship album called “Refuge,” named after that initial song.

“I think the song ‘Refuge’ will always have a special place in my heart, because that’s where God started to just redeem everything for me by giving me that song,” Fontana said. “It’s such a declaration of who He is. No matter what’s going on around us, if we are abiding in Him, we are safe and secure.”

“God opened my eyes to so much of the darkness in the industry I was working in,” Fontana continued. “I had repeatedly prayed this prayer for God to show me truth. And He did show me truth of His love and grace. But He also showed me all of this evil in the world that I was quite blind to. It really opened my eyes to the need for a Savior.”

Fontana is not the first person to call out the spiritual warfare in the entertainment industry.

Movieguide® previously interviewed Jeannie Ortega Law, a former pop star who had a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit.

As Movieguide® previously reported:

Her time in the entertainment industry and witnessing Santaria rituals suddenly became catapults against the enemy in spiritual warfare as she identifies what Satan is attempting to do in the media.

“I think that witchcraft has always been present in media. Every single movie that we saw as children, there was always that wicked person that would use magic or spells and things like that to try to destroy the hero,” Ortega Law says. “But now, what’s different than when we were growing up, is [witchcraft] is celebrated. Maleficent is now the main character. She’s not just the supporting role. I think for us, we had an understanding that some of these witches and then people in cartoons that were evil, they were evil. We understood that. We were told that. Now [witchcraft] is kind of glamorized. It’s totally inserted everywhere, and it’s being encouraged.”

However, Ortega Law says, Christians shouldn’t boycott the media. Instead, believers have an obligation to engage in the spiritual battle happening on the screens.

“We’re called to be the light in the dark. We’re called to be the the salt of the earth,” Ortega Law says. “If we’re not stepping up to the plate to be the light, to shine the light, then we are withdrawing. We’re pretty much giving up our influence. We’re allowing the enemy to just rule and reign. And if that was the case, if we were not meant to do anything, then I’m pretty sure Jesus would take us home. If we’re on the earth, then there’s a purpose. If we’re still here, there’s a purpose for our life.”