John Rich Speaks on Cancel Culture: ‘We See Our Country Being Dismantled Piece by Piece’

Photo from “Earth To God’ by John Rich on Youtube

John Rich Speaks on Cancel Culture: ‘We See Our Country Being Dismantled Piece by Piece’

Movieguide® Contributor 

Country superstar John Rich recently voiced his opinions through his music, with songs such as, “Earth to God” and ‘Progress.”  

Recently, Rich teamed up with rapper, Tom MacDonald to produce the song, “End of the World.” Although the two are from different genres, they came together to offer a voice for those unsure of where the US is headed.  

“He’s got face tattoos. I mean, he is the furthest thing from what I look like,” Rich stated. “We’re pretty opposite on about every level, except for the fact that he loves his freedom. He loves the United States, he appreciates hard work and all the people out there.” 

Rich sang the chorus of “End of the World” which highlighted the past and contemplated the future.  

“We stood on top of mountains, we’ve been to space before/We had our dogs and houses, we dug up dinosaurs/We built those bombs they’re droppin’, we’ve fought in all their wars/Now that the sky is fallin’, what did we do it for?” he sang.  

In fact, Rich told Fox News Digital, “We see how our country is being dismantled piece by piece right in front of our eyes. I mean, it doesn’t look like the country that we used to know, and everybody is very concerned about [it]: ‘Man, what’s it look like in another year or five years or, God forbid, 10 years? What does it look like?’” 

“I said, ‘I got to tell you, that’s kind of how I feel about it,'” he added. “Is this it? Like, is this how it ends? Is this how America, you know, rides off into the sunset? I hope not. But he asked me to come sing on the song, and I did. I think it was a pretty incredible mashup. It actually went to the No. 1 position there on the sales chart for about a week.” 

John Rich also owns a bar in Nashville, Tennessee. He recently announced that he pulled Bud Light from his shelves.  

“The customers decide. Customers are king,” Rich expressed.” “I own a bar in downtown Nashville. Our number one selling beer up until a few days ago was what? Bud Light. We got cases and cases and cases of it sitting back there. But in the past several days you’re hard-pressed to find anyone ordering one. So as a business owner, I go, hey if you aren’t ordering it, we got to put something else in here. At the end of the day, that’s capitalism. That’s how it works.” 

Movieguide® recently reported on Rich’s new hit song:  

The Grammy-nominated singer said that he wrote his newest single, “Earth to God,” while observing how Americans reacted to the pandemic and the current election.   

“Man cannot fix man’s problems, but God can and He’s still out there,” Rich, one half of the Big & Rich band, told Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren.  

“Earth needs to send an SOS to God … we need Him to make His presence known because that’s the only way to sort this out,” Rich said.   

“Earth to God” debuted last month at Franklin Graham’s prayer march in Washington, D.C.  

“Samaritan’s Purse is an organization that I love what they do all around the planet,” Rich said in a previous interview. “I love Rev. Graham and his message and we linked up together and they invited me to come sing tomorrow. I’m excited to be there and humbled and honored to sing the song there.” 

In the chorus of “Earth to God,” Rich sings: “We need your light, we need your love, to heal the world you made and save us now in our darkest hour with your amazing grace.”