Marvel Is Tainting Its Brand with DEADPOOL


By Trevor P., Contributing Writer

Movies based on Marvel comics has become possibly the biggest money-maker in Hollywood throughout the 21st century. Each year they keep churning out financial hit after financial hit, and the fan base developed from their enterprise has turned massive. The heroes within the Marvel universe, including Spider-Man, Captain America and the X-Men, have all lived by strictly moral standards, teaching that “with great power comes great responsibility.” As a result of this success, the marketing strategies slowly started to expand, from the younger Disney crowd (BIG HERO 6) to a more profane crowd (DEADPOOL).

After all, the older Marvel heroes have received their own movies, including Groot, Baymax, and Ant-Man, now it’s Deadpool’s turn to expand the world of cinematic caped crusaders. Regrettably, Deadpool’s comics are far more profane and darkly humorous than what some teenage readers would be accustomed. So of course, the studio felt they needed to stay true to that atmosphere in the adaptation. The result blares critical damage to Marvel’s reputation for appropriate family-friendly entertainment.

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Take a look at THE AVENGERS: the entire series has developed themes of teamwork and how good ultimately triumphs over evil. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY tells a story of how five outlaws were able to redeem themselves by giving up their criminal life and choosing to be heroes, proving how anyone can find forgiveness for their past sins. While each of these franchises have had their shares of inappropriate one-liners, they still kept the morality and familial spirit alive.

DEADPOOL, however, claims over and over again to the audience how he is not a hero, but rather doing whatever he sees as right at the moment. He then goes off in a journey of self-gratification, vengeful murder and flipping his middle finger to anyone who gets in his way. DEADPOOL is gratuitous by design. The worst part of it all is, in the end, he gets rewarded for it. Is this the message that Marvel wants associated with its brand?

If just a couple of years ago, somebody had to describe words that define the Marvel Cinematic Universe, curse words, strip joints, bloodbaths, and sexual innuendos would never come up. Now, they do.

Worst of it all, those giving their money to Marvel are going to take in the negative messages sent by DEADPOOL, and will likely mimic what they watch on screen in real life. Just imagine the awful impact this could cause.

So do a favor for the world, and don’t encourage Marvel to keep making crass comedies. We do not need a pervert in a red suit speaking every vulgarity his mind can regurgitate. We need to see the loving, sacrificial love of Jesus active in all we do. His law is love, his law is life, and our actions must always come out of selflessness and worship.

Maybe Marvel and Fox Studio should’ve taken pointers from other Marvel characters on the importance of doing what’s right instead of doing what might be profitable.


Editors Note: For those insisting that DEADPOOL was not made for children, keep in mind that Ryan Reynolds personally screened the movie privately for a 13-year-old Canadian boy struggling with cancer.