Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Can Now Post Instagram Stories

Photo from Ray-Ban | Meta on Instagram

Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Can Now Post Instagram Stories

By Movieguide® Contributor

Meta has updated its Ray-Ban smart glasses — they can now post Instagram stories directly to your account. 

The Verge reports that users can simply say, “‘Hey Meta, share my last photo to Instagram’ after taking a photo or tell it to ‘post a photo to Instagram’ before taking a new picture.”

This isn’t the only update Meta has added to the smart glasses. 

“You’ll now be able to get your glasses to quickly play your tunes on Amazon Music,” EnGadget wrote. “Just say ‘Hey Meta, play Amazon Music’ to start listening through the smart glasses’ open-ear audio system. And yes, you’ll be able to control the audio with the device’s touch controls or with your voice.”

Meta and Ray-Ban’s smart glasses launched last fall. 

“From music festivals and birthday parties to first steps, graduations, and beyond, Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses free you from the constraints of a hand-held camera,” their website reads. “Instead of keeping the world at arm’s length (or worse, missing out on the action completely as you struggle with your smartphone’s lock screen), Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses let you snap a photo or video clip from your unique point of view — allowing you to not only relive the moment, but really live in the moment, too.”

Additionally, you can use the glasses the same way you would use the Siri feature on an iPhone. 

“With a few words, the new smart glasses can make calls, send texts, control features, and find answers for those random questions that pop into your head throughout the day,” the Ray-Bans website reads

Movieguide® previously reported on a lawsuit Meta is facing concerning the addictive nature of their technology:

Forty-one states and the District of Columbia are suing Meta for building addictive features into its technology that harm children’s well-being.

“Our bipartisan investigation has arrived at a solemn conclusion: Meta has been harming our children and teens, cultivating addiction to boost corporate profits,” said California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

“We have a youth mental health crisis in the United States,” added Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser. “The young people were brought down rabbit holes.”

To hold Meta accountable for this alleged business practice, thirty-three states are filing a joint lawsuit against the company, while eight states and Washington D.C. are filing separate complaints in federal, state or local courts.

The complaints argue that Meta misled parents and children regarding its safety features, allowing it to illegally collect data on children for profit, thereby violating child privacy laws.

These lawsuits from the state attorneys general come as the federal government has failed to introduce any regulations that bar companies from prioritizing profit over user engagement or safety. While the Biden administration has repeatedly stated that it wants to better regulate tech companies, concrete action has yet to be taken by the federal government.

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