Michael W. Smith Is ‘Grateful’ For Worldwide ‘Resurgence Of Faith’

Photo from Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith Is ‘Grateful’ For Worldwide ‘Resurgence Of Faith’

By Movieguide® Staff

Grammy-winning artist Michael W. Smith says he is “grateful” to be alive to see a worldwide revival. 

“Something’s happening,” he explained. “I’m so grateful that I’m alive to get to see it.”

Smith pointed to the Asbury revival, where college students spontaneously worshiped for two weeks, as well as the recent releases of JESUS REVOLUTION and THE CHOSEN. 

He also spoke about a recent appearance in Vietnam at the Spring Love Festival. Thousands of people gathered to see Smith perform and sing along with him. 

According to Christian Headlines, the event marked the first time the Vietnamese government “has given permission for an evangelistic outreach with a foreign speaker to be held outside of a religious holiday.”

One particular moment from the event stood out to Smith. While preparing to go onstage, he heard a “rumble” and assumed it was fans from a nearby soccer game. However, after going to investigate, the singer found a large group praying ahead of his performance. 

“They were praying for what was happening out in the field where we were,” Smith said. 

Smith went on to say that he thinks the world is experiencing a massive revival. 

“I could be wrong…[but] I think it’s happening,” he shared. “I think what we’ve actually prayed for for so long is actually happening. There’s this resurgence of faith.”

Smith isn’t the only one who thinks we are ready for a revival. Movieguide® previously reported on a conversation about revival between Greg Laurie and Kirk Cameron:

Greg Laurie and Kirk Cameron recently had a conversation about revivals, spiritual awakenings, and how the younger generation is searching for answers. 

When defining what a revival is, Laurie turned to a friend’s own definition: “When God gets so sick and tired of being misrepresented, He shows up Himself.”

“I don’t think there’s anything we can do to make a revival happen,” he went on. “But I think we can prepare the ground.”

Laurie said America and the church need a “spiritual awakening…we need to return to what it means to be a real Christian.”

While many think a revival has to be a huge change, Laurie was quick to remind us that revivals can be personal. 

“Revival can be individual,” he explained. “You can have a revival in a church, you can have a revival in a community, [and] you can have a personal revival where a Christian returns to their…relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Laurie and Cameron also spoke about a past revival — the Jesus Revolution, which is the title and subject of Laurie’s upcoming movie. 

“Older audiences love it because they connect to it,” Laurie said of preliminary screenings of the movie. “Younger audiences, I found, were connecting to it as though ‘This is right now.’ I had so many young people say ‘We need one of these for our own generation.’”

He continued, “We’re hoping that this revival story that happened will inspire people to say ‘Lord, we want to see that again.’”

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