Sharon Osborne Post Picture With Grandkids: ‘My Cup Runneth Over’

Photo from Sharon Osborne’s Instagram

Sharon Osborne Post Picture With Grandkids: ‘My Cup Runneth Over’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sharon Osborne recently took to Instagram to share her gratitude for her five grandchildren.

“My Cup Runneth Over,” she captioned a photo of her sitting on her porch with her grandkids. 

In the photo, the TV star holds her “daughter Kelly’s son Sidney and son Jack’s 13-month-old daughter Maple Artemis…surrounded by her other granddaughters — Jack’s daughters Minnie Theodora, 5, Andy Rose, 7, and Pearl, 10.”

Osborne’s newest grandchild, Sidney, is less than a year old. Osborne’s daughter Kelly welcomed Sidney, her first child, with Slipknot musician Sid Wilson.

Kelly recently opened up about the experience of being a new mom.

“I had a baby and his name is Sid. He’s gorgeous. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. The best, he’s lovely,” she said on “The Osbornes” podcast.

“He’s funny. It’s weird to me how I look at him and he’s like 18 weeks old and he does things that are just really funny,” she continued.

“He loves his nana,” Kelly added. “He goes and sees nana every morning and every night before bed and he just sits there laughing and chuckling.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Osborne:

Former THE TALK host Sharon Osbourne recently opened up about why she will never return to TV.  

Osbourne, also known for the reality TV show THE OSBOURNES, initially left THE TALK after she faced accusations of racism. 

“Right now, it’s not a safe place to be. Because the slightest thing, the slightest word and you’ve [ticked] off half the nation,” Osbourne told the DailyMailTV. “I don’t want to put myself up for that grief, I really don’t.”

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