SIGHT Inspiration Dr. Ming Wang Says ‘Faith in Christ Gives Me Purpose’

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SIGHT Inspiration Dr. Ming Wang Says ‘Faith in Christ Gives Me Purpose’

By Movieguide® Contributor

The real-life inspiration for SIGHT, Dr. Ming Wang, recently shared how his faith gives him a purpose. 

“It’s a surreal experience for any human being to have part of your life play out in front of you,” Dr. Wang told Movieguide®. 

SIGHT, one of Angel Studios’ latest projects, “follows the true story of Dr. Ming Wang, a Chinese immigrant who defies all odds to become a world-renowned eye surgeon. Drawing upon the grit and determination he gained from a turbulent uprising in his upbringing, Dr. Wang sets out to restore the sight of a blind orphan,” per their website.

In a statement about SIGHT, Jared Geesey, the Chief Distribution Officer of Angel Studios, said, “We are confident that this story will encourage all who experience it and help spur a movement to help others, and are honored to release the film during Asian Heritage Month.”

Terry Chen, who plays Dr. Wang, called the surgeon “a shining example of altruism and humanitarianism.”

“I think sometimes as human beings, we define the world that we live in just about ourselves,” Dr. Wang said of his work. “SIGHT is encouraging us to see beyond. The world is not just about myself [or] my immediate family, but it’s also about helping others, especially those who need the most help.”

He also talked about the connection between science and faith. 

“Many young people mistakenly think that science and faith don’t work together. SIGHT is telling us otherwise,” Dr. Wang said. “Science and faith do work together.”

He explained that the technological advances made in his field to help restore people’s vision help to “protect life.”

“For me, as a Christian, faith in Christ gives me a purpose for what I’m going to use the tools for, which for me, is helping blind children,” Dr. Wang concluded. 


SIGHT will premiere exclusively in theaters May 24. 

A portion of the Movieguide® review reads:

SIGHT is an inspiring true story with a strong Christian worldview. The movie extols faith, family life, prayer, hard work, and dedication to help others. The main character confronts the tragedy of his past, to better serve others in the present. Many flashbacks create some confusion and sometimes slow down the story’s momentum. Despite this, great writing, a remarkable story, strong acting, and likable characters make this movie a winner. There are some scary moments, however, including child-abuse, terrorism and beating. SIGHT also has adult thematic elements, a few light profanities, and a significant amount of whiskey drinking to help Dr. Wang forget his past. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children.

Quality: - Content: +4
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