"Saving Family at Action-Packed Costs"

What You Need To Know:

FAST & FURIOUS 6 is another action-packed popcorn movie in one of the few movie franchises that’s gotten better with age. Still on the lam overseas, Dom and his friend and brother-in-law, Brian, get a chance for a full pardon. Hobbs, the law enforcement agent from the last movie, offers them the pardon if they’ll help him catch a British cyber-terrorist trying to get his hands on an apocalyptic computer weapon. Dom has an extra incentive. His wife Letty, presumed dead, has shown up alive, working for the cyber-terrorist. However, she has no memory of her life with Dom. Can Dom and his friends stop the nasty terrorist and save Letty?

Like its immediate predecessor, FAST & FURIOUS 6 has a series of action-packed, exciting setpieces. Even better, by the end of the movie, the filmmakers have lifted up family, home, loyalty, protecting people, sacrifice, and even prayer. There is some corny dialogue and unbelievable stunts, however. The bigger problem, though, is some strong foul language and brief innuendo. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for FAST & FURIOUS 6.


(BBB, CC, PP, LLL, VV, S, N, A, MM) Very strong moral worldview with some strong positive Christian references reunites a gang of thieves who live by a code of honor honoring loyalty and family, but this time they work to help a law enforcement agent capture a British cyber-terrorist before he can take control of a computerized device that can wipe out the power of and ruin the lives of millions, with a Christian prayer of thanksgiving at the movie’s end before a meal, people sacrifice for family, a Christian cross becomes a strong metaphor or symbol of familial connection, some references to God being the Judge in some music lyrics, and having a home is honored, plus honest law enforcement officials are seen as a positive value or social good; 46 obscenities (many of them light but also including one “f” word and plenty of “s” words) and three strong profanities (one GD and two misusing the name of Jesus); frequent action violence includes reckless car chases and races that cause property damage and damage to other vehicles while endangering the lives of innocent passersby, gun battles including one in which a man is shot at close range by his wife because she has amnesia and can’t remember they were in love, multiple fistfights and kicking fights that are brutal but not bloody, explosions, man kicked through glass window, and over-the-top chase scenes involving a tank being driven by the villain on a freeway, destroying countless cars, and a cargo plane which gets weighed down by cars attached to its wings by ropes; implied fornication as shirtless man wakes up next to woman with bare back turned toward camera, some slightly suggestive dancing by girls before a street race, and a bawdy innuendo is used in some friendly banter among the heroes at one point; women on streets in revealing bikinis in one scene, especially one woman shot from behind, woman’s bare back and bare legs shown while she’s lying in bed, and brief upper male nudity; some casual alcohol use; no smoking or drugs; and, man hacks an ATM to spout money to a crowd of people, villain kidnaps a hero’s wife, another hero’s wife has lost her memory and works for the villain, but she begins to question the villain’s ruthless actions as they become more apparent, and heroes trade friendly insults.

More Detail:

FAST & FURIOUS 6 is another action-packed popcorn movie in one of the few movie franchises that’s gotten better with age. This one has a stronger moral center than previous ones, as the protagonists are now working with Interpol and NATO to stop a really bad guy, in exchange for a pardon. They are also trying to bring back a family member and, in the process, have to save another family member. However, the movie still contains plenty of strong foul language, lots of action violence, reckless driving, and fighting, so extreme caution is warranted.

The story opens with best friends Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) living next to each other on an island off the Spanish coast to avoid extradition to the United States. They and their gang are also newly wealthy, having shared in a $100 million heist of some crooked Brazilian money in FAST FIVE, the prior movie.

Hobbs, the federal agent who at first chased and then worked with them in FAST FIVE, tracks them down and reveals that Toretto’s wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), thought to be killed, is in fact alive and engaged in criminal activities with a ruthless cyberterrorist gang. Toretto agrees to round up his gang and prevent the terrorists from taking control of a high-tech device that can wipe out the power of cities, in exchange for a full pardon of everyone. Dom also wants to save his wife, Letty, who’s suffering from amnesia.

This begins an amazing series of action setpieces, mixed in with richly drawn characters and an impressive moral dimension to the high stakes. As they chase the bad guy’s gang around Europe, all manner of hand-to-hand combat, car chases and ridiculously over the top action – including scenes with a tank on a freeway and a plane weighed down by cars – ensues. Throughout, it’s made clear that the heroic gang lives by a code of honor and ethics, that while not perfectly moral or Christian, is nonetheless strong. Part of that code contains a strong moral center of both loyalty and a positive reinforcement of family. For example, in the first scene, Dom’s friend and brother-in-law, Brian, is ushered by exuberant nuns into his own wife’s maternity room as she’s just delivered their new baby boy. Also, Dom refuses to give up hope that he can find and re-win the heart of Letty, making her leave the villainous gang. At one point, he tells Brian, “You never give up on family, even if they give up on you.”

Thus, by the end of the movie, home, family and prayer are lifted up. Before a brief setup for the next movie, FAST & FURIOUS 6 ends with a prayer of thanksgiving to God as the pardoned heroes gather for a celebratory barbecue back in Los Angeles. Finally, during the movie, a Christian cross that Letty used to wear becomes a symbol of her connection to her husband, and her real family.

That said, FAST & FURIOUS 6 contains plenty of PG-13 foul language, including one “f” word and several strong profanities. There’s also some pretty reckless driving on display, as well as some shots of bikini-clad women on an island and some light sexual innuendo. Thus, MOVIEGDUIDE® advises strong or extreme caution. Toning down the foul language, or even getting rid of it completely, could have greatly helped this movie.

Quality: - Content: +1
Quality: - Content: +1