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In the comedy ROLE MODELS, a judge orders two pitchmen for an energy drink, Danny and Wheeler, to take part in a Big Brother mentoring program, or face jail time. Big mistake. Wheeler is assigned to a foul-mouthed fifth grader. Danny is assigned to a nerdy teenager obsessed with a fantasy game with pretend swords in local parks. At first, the four males don’t get along, but eventually they bond, though not always in good ways. Things come to a head when the teenager gets kicked out of the role playing group after the group’s snooty leader lies about the teenager and Danny complains. Danny has to decide how important it is for him to make amends and get back in the teenager’s good graces.

The clean parts of ROLE MODELS are extremely funny, but the rest of the movie contains abundant foul language, crude sexual content, brief nudity, and some drug references. What makes the movie completely unacceptable, however, is its mixture of crude sexual references with the character of the fifth grader, who’s obsessed with women’s breasts as well as sometimes spouting obscenities. This content really crosses a line.


(PaPa, Ro, B, Ho, O, LLL, V, SS, NN, AA, DD, MM) Strong mixed pagan worldview with pagan, Romantic and moral elements that sexualizes a young boy, who also uses the “f” word, plus some jokes about homosexuality and light references to occult sorcery in a role playing fantasy game that’s played for laughs; at least 101 obscenities (including many “f” words plus little boy says some “f” words and other obscenities), seven strong profanities and 10 light profanities, plus one or two obscene gestures; light, mostly comical violence includes fake swordfights with plastic and foam swords, truck rams into statue, some fighting; strong sexual content, mostly in dialogue and some around and said by little boy, plus implied fornication, little boy accidentally sees upper female nudity of sleeping woman, man crudely discusses with fifth grader the meaning of sexual innuendoes in lyrics from a song by the band Kiss, boy makes homosexual insults of one or two adults, and boy falsely accuses new adult male mentor of pulling down his pants but boy is a known trouble maker and mentor leader acts like boy has made such a charge before of new mentors; upper female nudity in two scenes, rear male nudity in one scene, and brief upper male nudity; alcohol use and drunkenness; some drug references and jokes, including recovering ex-convict running a mentoring program makes exaggerated references to how bad her drug addiction was; and, lying, false accusation not believed, insults, man dresses down teenager’s mother and step-father, adult male mentor brings boy to party and leaves him for a minute with a friend but has a dalliance with a woman at party so boy walks home alone.

More Detail:

One thing makes the comedy ROLE MODELS especially abhorrent rather than just excessively vulgar. That thing is the movie’s mixture of sexual crudities with a young child who’s a fifth grader, including a scene where the child accidentally sees a woman with her top off. Once again, an interesting premise is ruined by gratuitous vulgar comedy stretching the boundaries of good taste involving the innocence of children. Thus, a couple of the lines being crossed in this movie are particularly evil.

ROLE MODELS stars Paul Rudd and Seann [sic] William Scott as Danny and Wheeler, two young pitchmen for the Minotaur energy drink. Danny and Wheeler travel around to high school campuses promoting the energy drink, but Danny is very dissatisfied with his career and his life in general.

Danny’s angry attitude upsets his live-in girlfriend. When she rejects Danny’s sudden marriage proposal and the police try to tow their Minotaur truck, Danny goes wacko. Both he and Wheeler are sentenced to 60 days in jail or 150 hours of community service mentoring kids for Sturdy Wings, a Big Brother center run by nutty older woman who’s a recovering drug addict.

The woman pairs Danny with a nerdy white teenager obsessed by a fantasy game meeting in a local park. She pairs Wheeler with a foul-mouthed fifth grader, a black boy with a penchant for looking at women’s breasts.

The comedy surrounding the fantasy game is absolutely hilarious. A lot of it is also clean. The rest of the movie, however, is interrupted by abundant, strong foul language (including some crude sexual references), brief nudity and jokes about drugs. As indicated above, the worst of that crude content involves the sexualization of the young black child, who also happens to spout the “f” word and other obscenities. In fact, in one scene, the child happens to see the naked upper torso of a woman Wheeler has just tried to sleep with during a Sturdy Wings camping trip. In another scene, Wheeler graphically explains some sexual metaphors in a heavy metal song to the boy. Needless to say, it is this content that makes ROLE MODELS really abhorrent.

There will be a lot of media hype around ROLE MODELS, especially about how funny and how good the acting is. Those positive qualities are true, especially in the movie’s clean and more mild parts, but the rest of the movie’s content is too crude or outrageously abhorrent and evil. Some filmmakers in Hollywood keep pushing the sexual envelope like this, but the “news” media companies, many of whom are affiliated with the major companies in the entertainment industry, refuse to condemn it, and sometimes even work hard to promote it! As the Bible says, they will reap what they sew, and it won’t be pretty when it happens.

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