What You Need To Know:

CHAINED HEAT II tells the story of Alex Morrison's misadventures in prison under the hands of a lesbian warden. The movie contains gratuitous sex and violence as scene after scene reveals the prison warden (Brigitte Nielsen) half naked, being whipped, taking drugs, and beating inmates.


(Ho, NNN, SSS, VV, LL) Excessive nudity, lesbian scenes, beatings, stabbings, approximately 20 profanities and around 20 vulgarities.

More Detail:

In CHAINED HEAT II, Alex Morrison, a young woman traveling through Europe, is set up by security forces at an airport by planting drugs in her baggage. Caught by customs officials, she is taken to Razick Penitentiary where a sadistic prison warden finds her a suitable “guinea pig” for her lesbian perversions. Alex finds little escape from the constant harassment and abuse at the hands of Kassar. Her only friend soon becomes the victim of foul play, and Alex is left alone to fight the warden. She also becomes the unwitting toy of a male guard who demands the lives of his victims. Her sister, Suzanne, tries to find her, but the American Ambassador calls the prison warden and warns her about Suzanne. However, by this time, the warden has devised a plan to dispose of Alex before more damage can be done. The movie goes on and on, and finally, Alex learns of the plan and manages to escape.

Gratuitous is a kind word to use for this movie as scene after scene shows the warden–Brigitte Nielsen–half naked, being whipped, taking drugs, and beating inmates. The film is a remake of the original CHAINED HEAT which also was a seamy tale of life for women behind bars. Both movies live up to what the Motion Picture Code called “mindless sex and violence.”