Christian Celebs Rally to Pray for Prominent Pastor, Teacher Ravi Zacharias


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Ravi, you’re a hero of the faith and of mine. I have learned such an enormous amount from you, it’s hard to put into words. Your humility, compassion, and brilliance have not only taught me, but my children. You have showed us how to boldly divide truth in the most graceful, loving way – a delicate balance not many people get right. Thank you for pursuing Jesus, loving well, and spending your life for Him. We know it has cost you and your family many times. We’re honored to know you – our family has deep admiration and love for you. I’ve felt so sad since I heard about your diagnosis, so we are earnestly praying for your healing, despite what the doctors say. Praying also for Margie and your family. #ThankyouRavi #legacy #hero

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