Karen Kingsbury Shares Testimony Ahead of A THOUSAND TOMORROWS Series Premier on Pure Flix

Photo from Karen Kingsbury’s Instagram

Karen Kingsbury Shares Testimony Ahead of A THOUSAND TOMORROWS Series Premier on Pure Flix

By Movieguide® Staff

With tens of millions of books sold, Christian author Karen Kingsbury is excited to bring one of her novels to life on TV!

A THOUSAND TOMORROWS is a new series coming to Pure Flix on Feb. 24, based on Kingsbury’s best-selling novel of the same name.

“‘A Thousand Tomorrows’ is a standalone book. It was one of my favorites that … I wrote a number of years ago,” Kingsbury told CBN’s Faithwire on a recent episode of “The Prodigal Stories Podcast.” “It is about an angry bull rider and a sick barrel racer, and a love story that really never should have happened.”

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Pure Flix recently released the show’s first-look trailer, which has a description that reads: “From #1 NYT best-selling author Karen Kingsbury, only God knows how many tomorrows we have left. In the dangerous and competitive rodeo world, how will Cody and Ali make the most of their time together? Episodes 1 and 2 of this brand-new series based on Karen Kingsbury’s novel begin streaming exclusively on Pure Flix on February 24th, with new episodes premiering every Friday.”

While Kingsbury plans to bring more of her faith-filled stories to the TV screens through her company, Karen Kingsbury Productions, she revealed that she did not grow up going to church.

“We didn’t really go to church very often, I’d never opened a bible, did not have a relationship with Jesus,” she told CBN.

However, her view of Jesus changed after meeting her present-day husband of 35-years, Don Russell.

From the start, Russell championed his faith and Bible. On one occasion, Kingsbury recalls throwing his Bible on the ground.

“I was like, really, this is just exhausting … I felt uneasy,” she explained. “After three months, we had this big fight about it. There was this day, this sunny afternoon — we were standing outside his car looking at the Bible, and I just took his highlighted, precious Bible and I threw it on the ground. And … the binding actually split … we just kind of both were frozen.”

Despite her anger towards God and his word, Kingsbury said that she felt convicted by the Holy Spirit when she bought a Bible herself to be able to argue with Russell.

“I began to read, and it was speaking straight to my heart,” she recalled. “I could hear God say, ‘Karen, you have a choice. This is a crossroads in your life. You can either hold onto your man-made ways, and you can fall apart with them, or you can grab onto my word and never let go.’”

After surrendering her life to God’s way and not her own way, she married Russell.

“We’ve been married 35 years and Jesus is everything to us,” she said. “And our life and our worldview and our storytelling and everything we do is anchored on His Word.”

Watch the trailer for A THOUSAND TOMORROWS below:

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