Behind GRACE

By Jeff Holder

Movieguide® had a chance to sit down with Michael Joiner, star of the new movie THE GRACE CARD.

Michael’s career in acting started with Community Theater, especially comedies. His love of humor led to doing a few stand up comedy shows. Those shows led to other shows and pretty soon Michael was traveling and doing stand up full time.

Acting became more of a hobby and, as he kept them laughing in the small clubs, he still hoped one day to end up in Los Angeles and pursue a career in acting.

Flash forward a few years and Michael was married and with three young boys. They moved from Kansas City to tinseltown, and Michael hit the ground running with acting classes and a constant parade of auditions. When the economy went south, so did Michael’s finances and he packed the family up and moved back to Kansas.

In hindsight, Michael sees what that season was all about — he says, “God had to get the career out of my heart. He had to take it away.”

Two months after moving back and assuming that the acting part of his life might be over, the producers of THE GRACE CARD saw Michael’s demo reel and spoke to him. “At first I thought, it’s some Christian film, really low budget. I almost said no.”

Then, Michael read the script and absolutely loved it.

So, GRACE CARD was made.

Michael sees the movie as having the potential to touch many people. He says, “If God shows up in theaters the way God shows up in some scenes, this is going to be powerful.”

Michael asks the Movieguide® community to pray that viewers’ hearts will be touched. He has seen the crew in tears while filming it. Watched test audience start to cry. Michael believes that God is going to move in a big way with this movie.

GRACE CARD is in theaters and you can read Movieguide®’s review HERE.