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LAST week to submit your script for the standard deadline of the Kairos Prize® Scriptwriting Competition! Enter Now >>

4 Reasons Everyone Should Love Terry Crews

4 Reasons Everyone Should Love Terry Crews

Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews has a lot going for him. He’s handsome, funny and has a good reputation of being an all-around-nice-guy. Here are four things you may not know about him, that will make you instantly love him.

1. He’s committed to his faith.

Crews, who grew up in a Christian home in Flint, Mich., talks about his faith openly on social media, at conferences and in interviews. In his BET reality show, THE FAMILY CREWS, which aired from 2010-2011, one of his daughters revealed on air she was pregnant out of wedlock. Crew’s response was, “It’s just real things that happen to a family. And, we’re a Christian family. We go to church. We do our thing. But, these things happen, and you have to deal.” The TV show greatly affected the family, and revealed issues that Crews wanted to address.

2. He’s hilarious.

From THE EXPENDABLES, to BROOKLYN NINE-NINE to his voice role in CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2, Terry Crews is one of the funniest actors in show business.


3. He adores his wife and children.

Married to gospel singer Rebecca King for 27 years, Terry frequently speaks about his passion for being a better man and husband, even penning the book “Manhood:  How To Be a Better Man or Just Live with One.” He also just enjoys spending time with his wife, whom he considers his best friend.

He also recounts in an emotional interview how he chose to change the way he parents his five children after realizing he had a skewed view of manhood. Watch here.

4. He’s hosting the 26th Annual Movieguide® Awards.

The biggest movie awards show for Family, Faith and Values will be hosted by Terry Crews on Feb. 2 in Hollywood. Movieguide®’s Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala honors directors, producers, writers of the best, most family-friendly, most inspiring movies and television programs of the year. At the Awards, Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr presents highlights from Movieguide®’s Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry, a comprehensive financial analysis of the movie business showing what kinds of movies and what kinds of movie content moviegoers favor the most with their hard-earned money.

Movieguide® TV is producing a one-hour television special about promoting faith and values in Hollywood, which will include highlights from this year’s 26th Annual Awards Gala, which will air Easter Sunday, April 1 on Cable and Satellite TV on the REELZChannel.

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