Could the #MeToo Movement Mean Less Nudity in Movies?

Could the #MeToo Movement Mean Less Nudity in Movies?

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

It’s rare these days when you turn on your TV, swipe open your phone that you don’t see some commotion about the #MeToo or Time’s Up movements. Likewise, between Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, the number of industry elite that’ve been accused of sexual assault is staggering.

This issue affects both men and women.

We’re thankful that the industry is making moves to not tolerate this unjust treatment of people and this phenomenon is making its way into Christian circles. Terry Crews, a professing believer, (EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, WHITE CHICKS) took his sexual harassment case all the way to the U.S. Senate.

Another positive outcome of these movements suggests that in the futures movies might display less nudity and sex. All that it takes is to get actors on board.

If only there was a way for celebrities to have more legal say into scenes with nudity. Does such a thing exist?

Yes! In fact, it’s called the “nudity rider.” The nudity rider is a list of complete “will nots” the actor or actress is contractually not forced to do. Hollywood can get into some weird things, so these riders are extremely detailed in order to protect the star.

How encouraging is this to hear? There are actors and actresses who realize the value of keeping private parts well, private.

Authentic Talent & Literary Management founder and CEO Jon Rubinstein told THR how the industry sneakily gets more skin in a take, even if the star is uncomfortable. “’Look, the whole crew wants to go home. It’s midnight. We’re all exhausted. We just have to get this one last shot. The way that we’ve been doing it isn’t working. Can you drop the towel?’ Or, ‘That shirt doesn’t look right, why don’t you just lose it?’ Then suddenly you’re standing there, and you’ve got 20 people waiting for you, and you go, ‘Ugh, fine.’ That happens all the time.”

In one word, this is tragic. Implements like the nudity rider along with a like-minded legal team and agent, help secure stars from this type of mistreatment.

Sadly, the nudity clauses are harder to get away with on TV because of tight production schedules. Despite that, ironically, Sarah Jessica Parker of SEX AND THE CITY, had a nudity clause for the show that which as the title suggests, had lots of sex. She says, “Some people have a perks list, and they are legendary. They have to have white candles in their room. I don’t have a crazy list like that. I’ve just always had [a no-nudity clause].”

Some industry personnel do respect the nudity rider and the actor or actresses’ moral compass and try to avoid any unnecessary nudity. Others, however, are manipulative and still manage to manipulate their stars to bear more.

Slowly, however, the landscape is changing, praise God. Let’s get on our knees in prayer that movies and television, in particular, would stray from nudity.

Ultimately, God intended sex and nakedness to be reserved for one’s spouse. Recall in Genesis 1 and 2 when Adam and Eve dwelled with God in safety and in their nakedness. After sin entered the world in Genesis 3, then Adam and Eve covered themselves because their shame of sin was exposed.

Nakedness represents full vulnerability and actors’ jobs are already as vulnerable as they get. They have little to no privacy, display their work on a giant screen and bare their emotions for strangers. Adding nude scenes to the list is extra.

Movieguide® has always been on the “less is more” and the other way around train. We know that this is counter-cultural, but we have the research to back it up. Our findings show that more nudity doesn’t sell. We also know that movie that show sex encourage teenage promiscuity and encourages people to lust after pornography.

The cycle of sin is a threat, and we must heed the words in Hebrews, “let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance (12:1 ESV).

Hopefully, in the future Hollywood will carefully consider the gravity that sex has on our culture but until then, we’re optimistic in the people mobilized to make these changes.

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