‘Storms Make Us Stronger’: Bear Grylls Discusses Prayer, Facing Fears, Perseverance

Photo courtesy of Kalei Brooks, Alaska National Guard

‘Storms Make Us Stronger’: Bear Grylls Discusses Prayer, Facing Fears, Perseverance

By Movieguide® Contributor

MAN VS. WILD and RUNNING WILD star Bear Grylls opened up about the power of positive thinking, how he conquers his fears and his prayer routine. 

“‘Storms make us stronger,’” Grylls said of his favorite inspirational quote. “I hold on to that if I’m going through a hard time. A) I know it’s not going to last forever. And B) how I act in the storm defines me. Don’t run away from these difficult moments; they are opportunities.”

He also shared how he starts every day. 

“I try to start the day on my knees,” Grylls shared of his daily praying. “I just get down on the floor next to the bed. My grandpa used to do that, and I always loved it. It’s a way to remind me to be grateful, to say sorry and to ask for help. It’s my way to survive the day really.”

Even though Grylls is known for doing terrifying things, it might surprise some of his fans to know that even gets scared sometimes. 

“I’m terrified of skydiving and heights, yet I do both all the time,” he admitted. “I’ve learned that if I do the things I’m scared of and I do them often enough, I become good at managing fear. It’s like a muscle, and it gives me an edge. If we are used to doing the difficult and the scary, it can all be positive for us.”

Grylls also talked about the hardest thing he has ever had to do: serving in the British military. 

“Being selected for the British Special Forces was life-defining,” he explained. “It was probably the hardest 11 months of my life. I was 19. I failed the first time.”

“It was a reminder to me that the worthwhile things never come easy,” Grylls continued. “You’ve got to go through the door of failure many times to get to the good stuff. I wasn’t the strongest or the fittest or the biggest or the smartest, but sometimes you’ve just got to hang on and be dogged and determined.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Grylls’ faith:

Survival instructor Bear Grylls, popularly known for his hit TV series “Man vs. Wild,” is now showing people another side of himself, with a new devotional about how his Christian faith has helped him survive life’s toughest challenges.

Grylls has written several books about his death-defying experiences, sharing survival tips. But in a recent interview with Fox News, he said his new devotional is about “the most important part of his life … faith in Jesus Christ.”

The new book, released this summer, is a 365-daily devotional called Soul Fuel and is pegged an “honest book,” where “Bear reveals the inspiration that helps him to stand strong and find peace each day. These daily readings — explore themes of friendships, failure, courage, risk, and more — show us all how to face each day with purpose and power,” the book’s synopsis reads.