A WRINKLE IN TIME Screenwriter Admits Why She Eliminated Christian Elements from Her Script

A WRINKLE IN TIME Screenwriter Admits Why She Eliminated Christian Elements from Her Script

Since Disney’s remake of the classic children’s novel “A Wrinkle In Time” came out this past weekend, a slew of negative reviews and reactions from both critics and moviegoers has surrounded the movie which opened to a weak opening of $32 million (for a movie that needs to gross at least $250 to break even). Many Christian publications, including Movieguide®, have called Disney out for eliminating the overt Christian content and themes from the movie which was included in the original book written by Christian author Madeleine L’Engle. Even the secular website BusinessInsider published an article titled “’A Wrinkle in Time’ ditches the book’s explicit Christian references — and the movie really suffers because of it.

In an interview with Uproxx, the screenwriter of THE WRINKLE IN TIME, Jennifer Lee, defended her exclusion of the Christian elements, arguing, “What I looked at, one of the reasons Madeleine L’Engle’s [book] … had that strong Christian element to it wasn’t just because she was Christian, but because she was frustrated with things that needed to be said to her in the world, and she wasn’t finding a way to say it, and she wanted to stay true to her faith, and I respect that and I understand those feelings of things you want to say in the world that need to be said that are out there. In a good way, I think there are a lot of elements of what she wrote that we have progressed as a society, and we can move onto the other elements.”

Of course, this did not stop Lee from including heavy New Age elements, celebrating individuals like Gandhi and Buddha, but no mention of Jesus.

Dr. Ted Baehr knew Madeleine L’Engle when he was at the seminary where she was the librarian. Madeleine L’Engle would have been shocked by the removal of her Christian faith from the movie based on her book. This is a violation of any respect for Madeleine L’Engle’s intellectual property and for the faith of the fans who loved her book.

118 million people go to church every week compared to 24 million who go to movies on average. So, Jennifer Lee’s christophobia alienated the large Christian audience as well as the other fans of the book. Walt Disney Company should be concerned about this blatant bigotry and theft and distortion of intellectual property by Jennifer Lee. This is not just a mistake, but it is a travesty.

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