Ainsley Earhardt Shares Her Testimony: ‘I Want to Be With [Jesus] Forever’

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Ainsley Earhardt Shares Her Testimony: ‘I Want to Be With [Jesus] Forever’

By Movieguide® Staff

Journalist and author Ainsley Earhardt, co-host of the conservative news show FOX & FRIENDS, recently sat down with Movieguide®’s Cheryl Crisp to discuss, faith, family and her new children’s book, ‘I Am So Glad You Were Born.’

Earhardt said that while she grew up around faith, she did not have a personal relationship with Christ until a mountain retreat in college caused her to rethink her life of partying.

“I had gone to all the parties and drank every night, basically went out with all the friends I grew up with in a very social home. I loved that, I loved to be social and loved to be with my friends,” she said. “After a while I just got so tired of it.”

However, Ainsley met a group of Christians who encouraged her to come to church and read God’s word.

“I met a group of amazing Christian women that were in my sorority, and they invited me to church.I started going to church with them at Shannon Baptist Church in Columbia, and really got to know who God was and had a relationship with Christ for the first time in my life,” she explained.

Ainsley said that it was after a mountain weekend, full of prayer and fellowship, that she offered her life to Christ.

“I left that mountain weekend and I just said, ‘I’m sick of this,’” she recalled. “I went out on the back porch, and I sat down on the steps. I said, ‘God,you’ve blessed me with so many friends, you’ve blessed me with this great life and all these social events, but I really want to live for you and I want to go in a different direction. I’m really scared. I don’t know if I’m going to be cool anymore. I don’t know what this means but I want to stop drinking. I want to stop smoking cigarettes and I just want to live my life for you.’”

On October 19, 1997, Ainsley started to live a different life.

“If anyone is listening, that is going through this, just do it. God’s trying to talk to you and he’s opening that door for you just to walk through it. It will be something that you’ll never regret,” she said.

As a co-host on one of the largest media outlets in the world, Ainsley uses her platform to spread the good news of the Gospel.

Recently, she released a children’s book called ‘I Am So Glad You Were Born,’ inspired by a saying that her mother told Ainsley and her siblings on their birthday.

“I got the job on ‘Fox & Friends,’ it was Steve Doocy, my co-anchor’s birthday. We were all celebrating his birthday. And I said, Steve, ‘I’m so glad you were born,’ and everyone in the studio laughed,” she said.

However, after she explained the meaning of the phrase it became a staple of the studio as a way to wish someone a happy birthday.

“The whole team started saying that on people’s birthdays… That seemed like the perfect title for this book,” she said.

Ainsley also recently had her first child, Hayden.

“I tell her every day, ‘I’m so glad she was born.’ I show her pictures all the time. We go to sleep at night, and we just talk about how God had a plan for her life and does have a plan for her life,” she said. “We read Christian books at night, we read the Bible at night and we say our prayers and so I’m hoping that all these gifts that God has bestowed upon us, I can pass that on to Hayden and she can pass that on to my grandchildren one day and then my great grandchildren. But it’s just such an honor that God would trust me with the child.”

The news anchor encouraged other to take confidence in God and his word.

“The Bible says that, like a blade of grass, the wind blows over and its place is remembered no more. But then there’s eternity forever. So that’s why I believe in Jesus, one of the many reasons I believe in Jesus, but I want to be with Him forever,” she said. “So even through your struggles, just know this is not the end, fight through, run the good race, live your life for your children, for your loved ones, for your family, for your friends, and for others. And God will bless you in so many ways.”

Watch her full interview below:

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