BRAVEHEART’s Angus Macfadyen To Reprise Role In ROBERT THE BRUCE

Photo from RoberTheBruce Instagram

BRAVEHEART’s Angus Macfadyen To Reprise Role In ROBERT THE BRUCE

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Angus Macfadyen played Robert the Bruce in Mel Gibson’s BRAVEHEART and will continue the story of Scottish freedom by reprising the role 25 years later in the upcoming historical drama, ROBERT THE BRUCE.  

“The story of the nobleman-turned-outlaw hero who was crowned king of Scots in the 14th century,” the movie’s synopsis reads on IMDB. 

“It’s a story about the gaining of conscience of a king and realizing that ambition can be a terrible thing when it’s just put to the service of its master and not to the service of the common good,” Macfadyen added in an interview with Fox News

Macfadyen said that he felt compelled to complete the story.

“For about nine years, I was walking around and I just had this ghost sitting on my back going, ‘You’ve got to finish the story.’ I eventually just listened to the ghost and sat down and punched out a follow up of what happened after the events of “Braveheart,” leading to the independence of Scotland,” Macfadyen said.

However, after the idea took shape, Macfadyen said it still took determination to complete the movie.  

“Then, from there, it took another 13 years of persistence to actually get the film. It took 11 years to actually get to shoot it and then another two years until now to get it out and about. It’s been a long process but eventually, persistence pays off, and I’m quite happy about it.”

In addition to challenges leading up to production, Macfadyen noted the extreme conditions for the actors and crew on set during filming.  

“That was the toughest shoot I’ve ever been on,” Macfadyen recalled. “We literally were stuck up a mountain in blizzards with snow up to our waists and freezing conditions. It was minus-13, I think. With a very little budget to actually be effective, the warming tents were colder than it was outside, so there was no point in being in them. The hot tea was frozen. Some days we couldn’t even find the road to get to work because it had literally disappeared in front of us in a blizzard.”

Despite the many obstacles in making the movie, Macfadyen said that he trusted God’s timing and is happy with where the timeline ended up.  

“Often, it’s about the timing of an event, that it’s not the time for it. You yourself don’t realize that because you’re just a small little particle in the universe, but there’s a mighty hand that guides events and which knows in its infinite wisdom that the timing will be when it’s necessary. I felt that the timing is now, really,” Macfadyen said. 

Macfadyen is happy with the result and says the tumultuous box office opened the doors for more independent, small movies, like ROBERT THE BRUCE, to receive recognition and viewership.  

“I feel very lucky to have such a small film with no publicity budget. I’m basically the publicity budget on Twitter for the last year. There’s this vacuum with the big giant studios not able to show any films in cinemas, that there’s a vacuum right now, It’s an extraordinary moment for small independent films to actually be seen right now.”

Although Movieguide® has not seen ROBERT THE BRUCE and cannot advise on the movie’s content, Macfadyen said that he does not want to glorify war but instead uphold the themes of liberty and justice that brand Mel Gibson’s BRAVEHEART

Movieguide® previously honored BRAVEHEART as the best 1995 Motion Picture “Illustrating the Biblically-Based Value of liberty.”

Dr. Ted Baehr said, “BRAVEHEART is a stirring example of freedom in Jesus Christ and the biblical principle of lex rex which means that the law of God is above the king or ruler.”