Country Star Brian Kelley Focused On Family After Florida Georgia Line Split

Photo from Brian Kelley’s Instagram

Country Star Brian Kelley Focused On Family After Florida Georgia Line Split

By Movieguide® Contributor

Brian Kelley opened up about what life has been like since the duo Florida Georgia Line took an indefinite hiatus in 2022. For him, it’s all about family.

“My wife Brittney, our family time together with our extended family means the world to me,” he said, adding, that he finds inspiration for lyrics “from my lifestyle of being in the woods or in the water. That’s where typically you can find me unless we’re on the road somewhere.”

The country crooner said his music is always about “just loving and living life to its fullest, you know what I’m saying? And working hard, having something to look forward to.”

His latest album, “Tennessee Truth,” is a tribute to his time growing up with a close family in Tennessee

“And I’ve got tons of aunts, uncles, cousins, family members out in Gallatin, Hendersonville area. And, so, No. 1, kind of the first Tennessee truth is, you know, this is this record’s a tribute to my deep Tennessee roots in my family.”

The singer shared with Fox News that he moved to Nashville in 2007 to focus on songwriting.

“I’m just so grateful that music is still leading my life,” he added. “I’m still the guy hunting down songs, still may leave a conversation to go write down a lyric if it pops in my head, you know what I’m saying?” he explained.

“At the end of the day, my Tennessee truth is that, you know, I’m no different than those that are going to be jamming this record. Like I mentioned, you know, we’re in the same headspace on what our values are and how we navigate our life through fishing, hunting, the love of our lives, of family time, you know, God. We love this country. And we’re hard workers.”

Kelley said in a statement when the album was released on May 10:

I’m so excited for y’all to hear my debut album. Each and every one of these songs make up my Tennessee Truth. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this project as much as I did making it. This is my Tennessee Truth.

He took to Instagram to celebrate performing in the National Memorial Day Parade.

Kelley captioned the post:

Beyond grateful to spend Memorial Day in our nations capital with the National Memorial Day Parade. We honor today, like every day, and remember our heroes who sacrificed it all. Got to spend some time with our WWII VETERANS and it was something I’ll take with me forever. Met a couple 100 year olds, and it was amazing to shake their hand, look them in the eyes and tell them we love them and we are so grateful for their bravery. #Americanspirit #memorialday 📷: James Cullum

Movieguide® previously reported on the Florida Georgia Line:

Worship leader and Grammy winner Chris Tomlin says the recent collaborative project with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard was ‘God-ordained’ and is an opportunity to share the Gospel with a broader audience. 

Although the two artists met for the first time at a gym while on separate vacations, Tomlin remembers Hubbard recalling how he listened to Tomlin’s music growing up. Their friendship and relationship grew after this meeting and eventually led to Hubbard’s appearance on Tomlin’s newest release, Chris Tomlin & Friends.

“In May of last year, Tyler and I were both at the same vacation spot in Florida and happened to meet at the gym,” the multi-Platinum singer-songwriter told The Christian Post. “He told me how much my music meant to him and his wife, and I was floored. I mean, he’s a huge country superstar.”

According to The Christian Post, Hubbard sang Tomlin’s songs growing up in church and even attended a Passion Conference where Tomlin led worship.  Tomlin said that many of the people he collaborated with and has met through his friendship with Hubbard made him realize how interested and invested country artists are in loving God.   

“Tyler and [bandmate] Brian actually started out as a worship duo because of that conference before launching into country, and the rest is history,” Tomlin said. “He said that meeting me felt like a musical full circle.”

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