Camilla Alves McConaughey Emphasizes The Importance of Families Attending Church

Photo from Camilla Alves McConaughey’s Instagram

Camilla Alves McConaughey Emphasizes The Importance of Families Attending Church

By Movieguide® Contributor

Camilla Alves McConaughey is sharing what it’s like to raise her family in Texas, focusing on attending church every Sunday. She and her husband, Matthew McConaughey, share three children: Levi, 13, Vida, 12, and Livingston, 9. 

“It’s been great,” she told Fox News. “It really embodies our belief system, especially the ones I grew up with, like going to church every Sunday, saying ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘no, sir.’ I grew up saying those things coming from a family of farmers. For me, being from Brazil and then coming to Texas, I discovered a lot of similarities in terms of what families practice here, especially going to church on Sundays, and being very into the outdoors. It’s been a great transition.”

Most would assume she and her actor husband would live in Hollywood, but Camilla shared that raising their children in the public eye wasn’t working for them. 

“We lived in Malibu for many years and having the paparazzi outside our door every day – every single day – when that becomes your normal, you don’t realize how much that’s actually affecting the things you do until you actually leave and get out of it,” she explained. “The kids get to have a private way of growing up. So from that perspective, it was very important.”

Even though Matthew is a famous actor, Camilla said their household runs just like any other. 

“Matthew is the one the kids will usually go to [if they want to get away with something],” she explained. “But Matthew and I have a pretty good system where we don’t play good cop, bad cop. The kids need to understand that as parents, we are on the same page.”

She also discussed her and her husband’s relationship, saying, “I have this thing — we have a tree on our property. I sometimes say to Matt, ‘Let’s meet today before dinner and watch the sunset under the tree.’ We’ll just sit under the tree and have a drink together. It’s about sharing those simple little moments together in between everything that’s going on. It’s about those little moments to keep reconnecting.”

Movieguide® has previously reported on Camilla and Matthew’s marriage:

Matthew McConaughey, an actor who received both a hefty dose of criticism and acclaim for thanking God during his Academy Award speech earlier this year, recently spoke about his faith in relation to his marriage to Camilla Alves.

He told GQ Magazine that he and Ms. Alves talked about marriage “spiritually,” and “did a lot of reading and talked to a lot of people that had been divorced, a lot of people that had been happily married. [They] talked to [their] pastor. In the end, [their] understanding was, ‘Let’s go make a covenant, with you, me, and God.'”

Mr. McConaughey refused to regard marriage as merely “the thing to do”:

“I wanted to really want to,” the actor said. “You know, I didn’t want it to be just a destination; the fun is that we’re on the adventure together.”

At the ceremony, the couple selected Bible verses that McConaughey said “moved” and “[spoke to]” he and his wife as a couple. One such verse is Matthew 6:22, which the actor has engraved on his wedding band:

“The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.”

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