Captain America’s First Love Will Be in THE WINTER SOLDIER

Peggy Isn’t Gone for Good!

Captain America’s First Love Will Be in THE WINTER SOLDIER

By Natalie Fertig

When we last saw Peggy Carter, she was tearfully having her final conversation with Steve Rogers – aka Captain America – as his plane went down somewhere over the Atlantic. As this was way back in the 1940s, we all quickly assumed we would not be seeing the feisty British agent in the next film.

But Hayley Atwell, who played the beloved character in that first “Captain America” film, has recently suggested that Peggy may yet be seen in the upcoming sequel CAPTAIN AMERICA:  THE WINTER SOLDIER.

In a new interview with ‘The Age‘, British actress Hayley Atwell explains where we might see her again.

“They’re so tight, the Marvel family, and private,” Atwell said. “I can say that I am involved in some way in the second one. Just know that it’s not me being cryptic, it’s Marvel. They can just as easily kill me off if I threaten to tell the story before its time. They’re keeping it all under wraps.”

While this doesn’t tell us much, it’s easy to assume we will see Peggy during those flashback segments we heard about earlier this month. This means we may get to see a little more of the history and backstory of America’s greatest warrior, as well as his former relationship with Peggy. In the first “Captain America” flick, audiences fell in love with the couple, despite their doomed romance. We’re excited that Peggy and the ‘Cap will get more airtime, even if it’s from the past.

As for the other ladies in the Captain’s life, the female lead in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER will be Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow, but not in a romantic way. In an interview with Collider, writer Christopher Markus said that Black Widow will be “a great—both in attitude and in profession—a great contrast to Steve Rogers.  She’s incredibly modern, not very reverent, and just very straightforward whereas Steve is, you know a man from the 40s.  He’s not a boy scout, but he is reserved and has a moral center, whereas her moral center moves.”

The Captain WILL have a new romance in the 2014 film, as well. His new love interest will be played by Emily VanCamp, and if you’re still too attached to Peggy Carter to fully accept this news, there are rumors flying that her character, “Agent 13,” actually has a connection to Peggy. What could this connection be? Mum’s the word on that, at least for now.

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