Chris Pratt to Voice Iconic Video Game Character in New Movie

Photo via ONWARD Featurettes on EPK.TV

Chris Pratt to Voice Iconic Video Game Character in New Movie

By Movieguide® Staff

“It’s ah me, Mar – Chris Pratt …”

Nintendo has confirmed that actor Pratt will officially voice Mario in an upcoming SUPER MARIO BROS. movie.  

The LEGO MOVIE and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY actor will voice the Italian plumber from the classic Nintendo video games in the upcoming animated adaptation of the very first Mario game, Super Mario Bros. 

Joining Pratt is THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT star Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Mario’s brother Luigi, and Jack Black as the hero’s main villain, Bowser.

While Taylor-Joy has minimal experience with voice acting in an animated movie, Day and Pratt worked on the Movieguide® award-winning LEGO MOVIE together. Day also appeared in MONSTERS UNIVERSITY. Pratt starred in the recent Movieguide® award-nominated Pixar movie, ONWARD.  

Black saw great success with his portrayal of Po, the panda, in Dreamwork’s KUNG FU PANDA franchise. 

Despite the experience between Day and Pratt, some fans have pointed out that neither one of them is Italian. 

CNN reported:

None of the cast is Italian — something that has sparked fierce debate and countless jokes on social media. Whether the actors will adopt Italian accents is unknown, but in a video posted to Instagram, Pratt said he had been “working hard” on the character’s voice.

Pratt also reflected that the role was a dream come true, saying he often played the arcade game as a child.

Movieguide® hopes the SUPER SMASH BROS. movie will contain much of the family-friendly elements of Pratt’s earlier animated projects.