Christian Artist Jordan St. Cyr Credits God’s Timing For Hit Song

Photo from Jordan St. Cyr’s Instagram

Christian Artist Jordan St. Cyr Credits God’s Timing For Hit Song

By Movieguide® Contributor

Though “Rescue” may top the Christian music charts now, Jordan St. Cyr’s hit song debuted more than a year ago.

The lyrics to “Rescue” read:

When I needed rescue
Jesus, You came through
Oh, in my hardest season
Your promise held true
And every time I’ve given in
Lord, You’ve proven again
That You’re still my Savior now
Jesus, You came through
When I needed rescue

In a new podcast on the “That Sounds Fun Podcast” with Annie F. Downs, St. Cyr explained God’s timing through that song.

“This is kind of the book end of our story of walking out of the fire with our little girl and she’s doing so well right now,” St. Cyr began to say of the song. “I released the song Rescue and again rescue isn’t God pulling us out of the fire the rescue was really his presence walking you through.

Movieguide® recently reported on St. Cyr’s daughter:

Emery was diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome, “a rare, neurological disorder present at birth and characterized by a port-wine stain birthmark on the forehead and upper eyelid on one side of the face…[it] is also accompanied by abnormal blood vessels on the brain’s surface and the loss of tissue (atrophy) with deposits of calcium (calcification) in the cerebral cortex of the brain on the same side as the birthmark.”

“It looked devastating and looked debilitating and looked like a quality of life that no parent would desire for their child,” St. Cyr said. “The left side of her brain was suffering from atrophy, so it was shrinking. Her blood vessels on the left side of her face were also three times the size that they should have been, and it was those blood vessels that were stealing blood from her brain.”

He continued: “So, we released the song Easter of 2023. It’s been over a year, and we just thought, ‘Okay well maybe this song’s a dud.'” So, before Christmas we had some big ads in some big cities and we’re like, ‘Okay I guess we’re going to continue to push this after Christmas.’ Then we get the bigger ads and more big ads.  That radio station that has a lot of listeners says we’re going to start putting this in our rotation. You’re like, ‘What? Why not last Easter?’ Right? You’re big cities. Your Houston’s. your Dallas’s, your LA’s, your Atlanta’s. It’s like, ‘Oh my. Okay, God!’ So, we’re just kind of riding a wave that we feel we didn’t create.”

St. Cyr posted a clip of the music video for “Rescue” on his Instagram page where many of his followers showed their admiration for the song and what it personally means to them.

“My Granddad just passed away a few days ago, and we are in shock” one follower commented. “My family is reeling. I keep hoping it’s just a nightmare we’ll wake up and heal from. It’s raw, messy, confusing, and real. But this song—this song grabbed me. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the past few days. Over and over— “You are peace within disaster…you are calm inside the storm…Jesus you CAME THROUGH…YOUR promise held TRUE…you’re still my Savior now…” Ohh my gosh. Praise the Lord. All I can say is thank you Lord.”

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