Comic Book “American Jesus” To Be Turned into TV Show

Comic Book “American Jesus” To Be Turned into TV Show

By Tess Farrand, Contributing Writer

Netflix recently greenlit another controversial series:… AMERICAN JESUS will run for six episodes and follows a 12-year old boy who discovers he has supernatural abilities. These abilities such as turning water into wine and raising people from the dead, convince him and others that he is Jesus.

The idea for the series comes from comic book writer, Mark Miller, who published American Jesus in 2009. Miller also wrote the comics that turned into the movies KINGSMEN: THE SECRET SERVICE and WANTED. He also wrote comic books for more popular Marvel and DC heroes like Superman, Wolverine and even Captain America.

In an interview with Beliefnet, Miller opened up about his faith and writing, stating that faith has been a crucial foundation for him since his baptism at a young age.

Additionally, Miller took to discuss the landscape of superheroes as it relates to his faith, even stating that feels a bit offended by how he sees Catholicism and Christianity portrayed in the media. “So, I try and address that a little in my work,” Miller stated. He continued, “I don’t try and ram it down people’s throats or anything, I think that’s kind of weird in and of itself, but in a very relaxed way. [For example], Captain America in THE ULTIMATES. I had a scene where he was in church praying, and Captain American is probably a Protestant, so I had him in an Episcopal church in the States. I will just very subtly throw a lot of this stuff into my stories.” Miller went on, “I quite like going against what everyone else is doing, and because everyone else is very secular, to me it feels quite cool to be doing something that goes so far in the other direction. For the last 30 or 40 years everything has been very secular, so I quite like being anti-establishment, and it’s quite weird that Christianity is the most radical thing you could be right now.”

Miller also shared how DC comics made him edit a moment where a child prays. Instead, he made the character talk to Superman for guidance; “it was just the most ridiculous politically correct thing I’ve ever had to do.”

Perhaps, his next move in being “radical” is AMERICAN JESUS. No doubt many will contest that this a blatant form of blasphemy, but it seems that Miller has a good head on his shoulders and hopes to provide audiences with little bits of the gospel, in hopes that they might find Christ.

In fact, other Christians in Hollywood such as Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are working with the same idea of a “modern Jesus” TV series. In their new Netflix series MESSIAH, which they produce, audiences follow multiple characters that deal with the idea of Christ coming again in modern day. Whether the television programs uphold a Biblical theology is still to be determined.

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