Country Star Russell Dickerson and Wife Kailey Focus on Faith, Family

Country Star Russell Dickerson and Wife Kailey Focus on Faith, Family

By Movieguide® Contributor

Country artist Russell Dickerson’s career is taking off, but he and wife Kailey are still focusing on family. 

“These are the memories,” Kailey told PEOPLE of their family, including Remington, 3, and Radford, 11 months. “I don’t want to forget this moment right here in time.”

Russell has been working hard to make a name for himself in the country music world, earning opening act slots and festival performances. However, 2022 brought the couple “a tipping point” that made them reevaluate their priorities. 

In September, Kailey suffered a miscarriage. Instead of staying home and processing the loss, the couple had to continue fulfilling Russell’s touring commitments. 

“There was no one to step in and say, hey, we should cancel these shows so that you guys can mourn and recover,” Russell explained. “It was just kind of keep going and don’t slow down because we’ve got shows to play…It was really rough.”

He continued, “You talk about God is good all the time, there are moments where you’re like, it’s hard to find that as a human. We don’t understand it. We don’t understand why. But you just keep trusting. That’s what faith is.”

In January of 2023, the family finally got a chance to rest, which they did at a Florida beach. While they were there, a woman approached them and asked if she could pray for the couple. 

“And she prayed for me to get pregnant,” Kailey said. 

Ten days later, she was. 

Russell’s career is continuing to grow, but the couple is focusing on the little things. 

“It’s really just the simplest things,” Kailey explained. “I read something once that if you have a nice, warm, safe place to sleep and healthy children to tuck in your bed, you’re the wealthiest people on the planet. And that’s how we feel, really.”

When asked what his biggest blessings are, Russell answered, “Our babies. And obviously, each other.”

The couple have been open about the role faith has played in their grieving process for their lost child. 

“About a week ago I was wondering when it was exactly that we found out we were pregnant with the baby we lost…July 30, 2022. Exactly one year later, July 30, 2023 was the day my friends threw me a shower to celebrate and pray over our rainbow baby,” Kailey posted on Instagram. “Completely unplanned by any of us and fully planned by God. A sweet God Nod.”

“I didn’t know if I’d ever share this, but something about going into this next year, I needed to leave this news in 2022. The loss; however, is something that will always be written into our story,” she explained in another post. “May we all give each other some more grace this next year…more kindness because we don’t know what someone is truly going through…more love because we all need it. And may Jesus be near to the broken-hearted. He sure has been for us.”