What If Disney Princesses Married Marvel Heroes?


What If Disney Princesses Married Marvel Heroes

By Evy Baehr, Executive Managing Editor 

1. Iron Man and Jasmine, she’s into the rebel type.

Jasmine-and-iron-man Disney® wallpapers.blogspot.com


2. Captain America and Cinderella, because if anyone would return a lost slipper to its rightful owner, it’s Cap.

Ciderella-and-Cap Disney® static.tumblr


3. The Hulk and Belle, because of course Belle loves beasts. 

Belle-and-Hulk Disney® tiffin11.files.wordpress.com


4. Wolverine and Frozen’s Elsa, because they both like being the lone wolf.



5. Sleeping Beauty and Thor, because they’ve definitely got that beauty down. #BeautifulCoupleAward

Thor-and-Aurora Disney®


6. Mulan and Falcon. . . they’re both awesome fighters, plus they can borrow each other’s armor.

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7. Spider-Man and Ariel, because they want to overcome their social awkwardness.