Dos and Don’ts of Film Investing for Christians and Others

Dos and Don’ts of Film Investing for Christians and Others

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher 

Recently, we received an article from one faith-based movie company about being a movie investor. The article said “now anyone can be a film investor” through methods like online crowdfunding.

This may indeed be true in today’s changing world of mass media entertainment, but there’s much more to film investing and filmmaking than just raising money as efficiently as possible. You also have to make sure that the particular investing and filmmaking you’re engaged in is worth doing in the first place.

The most important rule in film investing and filmmaking is:  Make sure you have a great script.

A great movie script, like a great movie, is a great story well told with great characters and a morally or spiritually uplifting worldview.

Before you write and hone that great script, however, you must make sure about your attitude while you’re creating that script. As my friend, legendary entertainer Pat Boone, says:

  1. Do always focus on God and commit your talents back to Him.
  2. Do always be aware of your potential influence on the world, especially impressionable children and families.
  3. Resist temptation by continually involving the Lord in all your decisions and committing yourself, your opportunities and your decisions to Him.
  4. Follow the Bible, God’s Word, and make the Bible your ultimate authority or guideline.
  5. Understand the business of Hollywood filmmaking
  6. Be in profit before you release the movie
  7. Understand marketing and distribution
  8. Know your audience
  9. Orchestrate your movie with humor and drama
  10. Hire the best talent.

These are the beginning principles you will need while investing in a project and while making the project. They can be found in my book, HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD (WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL).

By the way, every year I conduct several intense, comprehensive four-day workshops on filmmaking, including film investing, using these and many other principles from my book.

I’m here to help you succeed. So, please read the book and take the workshop at least once.