Fans of WHEN CALLS THE HEART Wonder, Will There Be a Season 9?

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Fans of WHEN CALLS THE HEART Wonder, Will There Be a Season 9?

By MovieguideĀ® Staff

Although fans are halfway through Season 8 of WHEN CALLS THE HEART, predictions about Season 9 have already begun among the “Hearties.”

Brian Bird, the show’s creator, claimed that the current season would start with a “boom” and that some big “decisions get made in Hope Valley.”

So far, the eighth season has not disappointed fans and has brought heartfelt moments like Nathan’s profession of love to Elizabeth.

However, fans of the show realize that once Elizabeth’s big decision is made in the coming episodes, getting to watch her love story play out has not been made a guarantee.

In previous seasons, the Hallmark Channel announced the show’s renewal early on. The one exception to this trend came last year during COVID-19. To the fans’ delight, Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth on the show, announced Season 8 after the Season 7 finale.

But as loyal fans of WHEN CALLS THE HEART await Elizabeth’s final decision and anticipate another season, Bird encouraged “Hearties” to show their excitement for more content.

“Hey, #Hearties… when it comes to @WCTH_TV… I’m feeling a new hashtag coming on… #S9WouldBeDivine,” Bird posted on Twitter. “Anyone with me? If so, I think you know what to do with that, don’t you?”

However, successful ratings for Season 8 point to another season with Elizabeth, Nathan, Lucas, and more from Hope Valley.

In a recent interview with Sarah Scoop, Krakow noted that there’s “lot’s more to come if we get a season 9.”

“We’ve been exploring this love triangle for several seasons now and we’re finally getting a decision in season 8, which is great,” Krakow said. “I think what that means is that in season 9, it would be really love to get to explore what that dynamic is like between Elizabeth and fill in the blank without the complication of the other man.”

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