HOME TOWN’s Erin Napier: Doctors ‘Worked a Miracle’ After Their 3-Year-Old’s Leg Injury

Photo from Erin Napier’s Instagram

HOME TOWN’s Erin Napier: Doctors ‘Worked a Miracle’ After Their 3-Year-Old’s Leg Injury

By Movieguide® Staff

HGTV star Erin Napier updated fans on her daughter’s recovery her 3-year-old injured her leg.  

Erin Napier, who hosts HOME TOWN with her husband Ben Napier, shared that her 3-year-old daughter, Helen, suffered an accident while playing on a playground slide.

“A fun day at the park turned into a fully broken tibia and fibula when she stepped wrong at the end of a slide,” Erin wrote under a picture of her child’s pink cast and of Ben sleeping next to Helen’s crib. “So thankful to have @scotsman.co [Ben] beside me (and sharing nights on the floor by her crib) when = parenting during a pandemic gets even more nerve racking.”

In another update, Erin explained that doctors had to “rebreak” Helen’s leg to allow for a healthy recovery.

“It took a procedure with general anesthesia (😰), rebreak and resetting her leg bones with a full leg cast once we made it back home to Mississippi, but my baby girl finally felt great today,” Erin said. “Dr. Kosko at @southernbonehattiesburg worked a miracle for Helen yesterday (and Higgy the tiger didn’t hurt, thank you for that @sullivangrams and @therealrachelsullivan 💓).”

Erin added: “She’s gotten well wishes from around the world and wanted me to tell y’all: ‘Thank you for checking on me!'”

The Napier’s are candid about their faith and shared how they want to maximize their time with Helen.  

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The adorable Mississippi couple sat down with People magazine to discuss how they go about making their 3-year-old daughter, Helen, their top priority.

“We say no to a lot of opportunities,” Erin told the magazine.

“For 18 years we get to be an influence in her life. I want those years to be really good and happy and healthy, because we can never get them back,” Erin said. “No matter how great an opportunity or amount of money, nothing is worth missing out on memories together with Helen.”

To make it work, the couple has a general rule for traveling: “If somebody wants us to come and speak at something or there’s an appearance or work-related trip, we say, ‘If we can do it in two nights or less then we can come. But if it’s going to be three nights, then we have to bring our nanny and Helen and we need you to foot the bill for that,” Erin said.