How Christian Director John K.D. Graham Relied on His Faith While Shooting New Movie

Photo via John K.D. Graham Instagram

How Christian Director John K.D. Graham Relied on His Faith While Shooting New Movie

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

John K. D. Graham, director of the upcoming faith-based movie THE INHERITANCE, explained why he had to rely on his faith while shooting the movie.

“Sometimes we’ll have a shot that gets ruined for some reason. It’s easy to get frustrated and upset about it. But part of faith is just thinking that there might be a reason why that shot’s not the right one. Maybe the audience wouldn’t connect to that take, you know,” he explained.

“I find that once you start to see the world in that lens, not only do you feel closer to God, but I think you lose some of the stress that we carry as humans … because it is in God’s hands at the end of the day.”

Graham and his team at Mustard Seed Entertainment are responsible for CATCHING FAITH, CATCHING FAITH 2: THE HOMECOMING and upcoming faith-based flick SWITCHED. The team just wrapped up filming on THE INHERITANCE.

According to WTVM News, “The film is about four estranged siblings who return home when their mother dies, only to find she’s hidden the deed to the estate somewhere on the property. The first one to find the deed inherits everything.”

Graham also told WRBL News how his faith took center stage while the crew shot during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re doing our part wearing masks, trying to social distance, testing often, following guidelines set out by the local unions. But at the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do and that’s where faith comes in that we’re going to be kept away from it.” He added, “Covid is not to be feared.”

Meredith Riley Stewart, an actress on the project, said she learned some life lessons while shooting during this time.

She believes that “having this great pause with quarantine and Covid has made people realize that some of the simplest things in life are the most important. And that’s really the heart of our story … that when it comes down to it, family is almost all you’ve got sometimes.”

Movieguide® hasn’t reviewed THE INHERITANCE yet, but check back soon!

As of now, the movie is set to be released sometime next year.

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