How God Saved Carlos PenaVega from ‘Rock Bottom’ to ‘Spread God’s Love’

Photo from Carlos PenaVega’s Instagram

How God Saved Carlos PenaVega from ‘Rock Bottom’ to ‘Spread God’s Love’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actor Carlos PenaVega recently shared how he came to Christ during one of his lowest points. 

PenaVega was raised Catholic, but “it never meant anything. It was just a box,” he explained. “I knew of God, but I didn’t have a relationship.”

After a few years, the actor said he was at “rock bottom” — drinking, using drugs and staying “locked” in his house. PenaVega ended up calling a friend to vent and asked how he was always so happy. 

“He was like, ‘Oh, man, I got Jesus,’” he remembered. While PenaVega wasn’t immediately convinced, he agreed to attend church with his friend. He was surprised to be so moved by the sermon, feeling like the pastor was “speaking to [him],” and decided, “This is what I want. … I’m on this Jesus high now.”

After the service, his friend asked if he would like to attend a Bible study meeting with him. PenaVega agreed, and that’s where he met his wife, Alexa. Now, PenaVega sees sharing his faith as the most important part of his life. 

“I always tell people that acting, singing all this stuff to me, producing writing, it’s a hobby, right?” PenaVega explained. “My job is to spread God’s love to everyone … That’s my job. Everything else is a hobby.” 

He concluded, “I really do believe that God has a huge calling on mine and Alexa’s life, and we’re just going to continue powering through.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the PenaVegas’ relationship and faith:

Carlos PenaVega, who got his big break in entertainment on BIG TIME RUSH, shared why he believes that their relationship started in a healthy spot.

“We were very fortunate that when we started our relationship, we had both met at a Bible study. For me [it] was my first time in Bible study [and] Alexa was going through a lot and she hadn’t been to one a long time.”

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