Jennifer Garner Set to Star in Upcoming Faith-Based Film


Jennifer Garner Set to Star in Upcoming Faith-Based Film

by Moriah Dee, Contributing Writer


After the recent success of the faith based movie HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, which grossed over $100 million worldwide, Sony is set to begin production on a new book adaptation this summer. It will be released through TriStar Pictures. The movie is called MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN and is based on the book by the same title. MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN is going to be produced by the same team as its predecessor: Joe Roth, Devon Franklin, and T. D. Jakes. The movie will be directed by Patricia Riggen who produced the TV movie LEMONADE MOUTH for Disney. The newest name to be added to the MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN cast is movie star Jennifer Garner, who will be playing the main character’s mother.

The book is about a young girl named Annabel who struggled with two life-threatening disorders. Written by Annabel’s mother, the book goes through the journey of the young girl as she endured these disorders. Christy Beam, Annabel’s mother, recalls the time that her daughter told her that she wanted to “go to heaven and see Jesus.” After falling from a 30 foot Cottonwood tree the little girl was rushed to the hospital where she remained unresponsive for several hours.  After her fall the doctors found that Annabel was miraculously healed from her two disorders. Christy describes in the book how Annabel spoke of going to heaven and talking to Jesus after her fall.

The film is set to start production this summer with a rumored release date of Easter 2016. Christy Beam says she is excited for Jennifer Garner to be playing her in the movie. The mother says she hopes that the book and movie will show people how God is faithful in the little things in people’s lives. Christy says that miracles don’t have to be as big as her miracle was, but God does miracles in everyone’s lives. She recently told the Gospel Herald, “It doesn’t have to be one big huge grand miracle that happens to help you realize that God is faithful. He is there, He is real; He is active in your life. It is all those small acts of faithfulness that He is trying to show you daily of His love and His reality there for you. It may not mean you get a grand miracle, and that’s okay, because sometimes all those little acts of faithfulness that God is showing you daily are miracles themselves.” She hopes that the book, as well as the movie, brings hope and encouragement to others.

Meanwhile, Garner says she’s excited to get back to work. After her husband’s recent blockbuster success, Garner says it’s her turn to get back in to work. She plans to make several movies this year working through the summer and probably into fall as well.





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