Jenny Marrs Surrenders Fears to Christ: ‘He is Faithful, I Can Trust Him’

Photo from Dave Marrs’ Instagram

Jenny Marrs Surrenders Fears to Christ: ‘He is Faithful, I Can Trust Him’

By Movieguide® Staff

Jenny and Dave Marrs, stars of the hit HGTV series FIXER TO FABULOUS recently reflected on a trip to Italy and hinted at an exciting new project.

“We are about to start a dream project in a dream place. Yes, we are likely in over our heads with sooooo much to learn and so many what-if’s looming and doubts surfacing and questions mounting. But, we are in this together and know exactly who is at the helm,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“My prayer for this one has been: Lord, let this project be a blessing and not a burden. Most importantly, allow us to be beacons of your light in the land you long ago burrowed in our hearts,” she added.

In a recent blog post, Marrs reflected on her and her husband’s week in Italy and hinted at a new project.

“As we sat together, the project came to life,” she wrote. “We talked about how it could work. We discussed logistics and timelines and possibilities. Even as we spoke the words aloud, they felt half-hearted and full of idealistic hope but not grounded in actual reality. We dreamt together but doubted the dream would come to fruition.”

“And now, it has begun. I hope to be able to share all of the details soon. What I can say is that it’s going to be a long process with many weeks of travel ahead. I can also say that it’s a bit overwhelming and the – now, very real – logistics feel staggering. Even still, it is fueled by a pinch-me level of excitement that this is really happening.”

The couple met with friends in Italy, and Jenny said that she has always dreamed of returning to the country.

“Long ago, the soil of Italy imprinted itself deeply on my soul and I have ever since had an undercurrent of longing to return. Many years ago, this is the land that brought me back to life as I walked through a long, dark valley,” she wrote. “Back then, as I poured myself into planning the trip and attempting to learn the language, a renewed hope ignited within me. Over the years of visiting since, we have met new friends who now feel like an extension of family. We have explored off-the-beaten-path towns and places that are so full of culture and rich history, I can hardly wrap my finite mind around the vastness of this place. We have marveled at the breathtaking beauty of the land and the deep heritage of family ties within it.”

However, Marrs shared that her love for Italy and for travel comes with an intense anxiety for flying overseas.

“Even as much as I long to return as often as possible, I also still struggle deeply with fear when I fly over the sea. I have had countless panic attacks over the ocean and have prayed and begged God to remove this fear from my life so many times,” she explained. “This latest trip was no exception. I was gripped with fear on the first flight of the journey. Physically trembling, I prayed as worship music filled my headphones. After landing safely, I quickly texted friends who I knew would pray faithfully as we journeyed on the long flight over the Atlantic. I physically felt their prayers for peace and protection during the next nine and half hours. Even still, I asked the Lord why He had given me such a longing for a place so very far away. I told Him I didn’t know how I could keep making the trip with so much fear blocking my path.”

Despite her fear, Marrs said that she is looking ahead to Christ and trusting his plan with their new adventure.

“When I’m flying through the air, trapped in a metal tube, with zero control over my circumstances, that I depend wholly and completely on Him. I cling to Jesus in those moments. I cry out to him in desperation and He meets me with peace and assurance and reminders of His past faithfulness,” she said.

“In my everyday life, I don’t often enough ache for Him. I run from commitment to commitment. I meet pressing deadlines. I answer the constant onslaught of communication via text and email. I worry over details. I forget to rest,” she continued. “Maybe this is why He keeps leading me back to a faraway land, only accessible by an airplane. For it’s in that plane – the place where I’m most uncomfortable and afraid, where I feel most frail and incapable – that I am most acutely aware of His presence. And, in the way that only God can do, He uses all things for our good and His glory. He redeems my moments of fear and meager offerings of faith to remind me that He is near. That He is faithful. That I can trust Him. That He has called me by name and I am His.

“Where He leads, I will always follow. Even if my knees are shaky and my heart is pounding. Simply because I ache. I ache to live every waking moment wholly aware of His presence.”