Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake Left LA to ‘Create Some Normalcy’ for Their Kids

Photo from Jessica Biel’s Instagram

Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake Left L.A. to ‘Create Some Normalcy’ for Their Kids

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jessica Biel says she and husband Justin Timberlake moved their family out of Los Angeles “to create some normalcy” for their children.

“I don’t really think [fans and paparazzi] necessarily respect that, you know, if we’re out and about with our kids,” she said while appearing on LET’S TALK OFF CAMERA WITH KELLY RIPA. “It can be somewhat country dependent, where if we’re in this country, in the States, it’s kind of like state by state, you know. You get hammered on the East Coast, you kind of get hammered on the West Coast. That’s why we don’t really live there anymore.”

Biel acknowledged that her and Timberlake’s work has “this major public facing element” but added, “It’s just trying to create some normalcy for these kids, and we want to share our family with our loved ones and friends.”

“And I know this very social media world is where they exist and where they live and that will be a very big part of their life and their reality. I just don’t want it to be on my account, so we try to engage in a way that feels authentic,” she continued, saying it’s “just our family choice.”

Biel and Timberlake are parents to sons Silas, 9, and Phineas, 3. 

People previously reported on the couple’s decision to leave California, with a source telling the outlet, “They’re rarely in L.A. and are happy to live in Montana.”

Biel and Timberlake are not the only celebrities who have left Los Angeles for the benefit of their families. Movieguide® previously reported:

Camilla Alves McConaughey is sharing what it’s like to raise her family in Texas, focusing on attending church every Sunday. She and her husband, Matthew McConaughey, share three children: Levi, 13, Vida, 12, and Livingston, 9. 

“It’s been great,” she told Fox News. “It really embodies our belief system, especially the ones I grew up with, like going to church every Sunday, saying ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘no, sir.’ I grew up saying those things coming from a family of farmers. For me, being from Brazil and then coming to Texas, I discovered a lot of similarities in terms of what families practice here, especially going to church on Sundays, and being very into the outdoors. It’s been a great transition.”

Most would assume she and her actor husband would live in Hollywood, but Camilla shared that raising their children in the public eye wasn’t working for them. 

“We lived in Malibu for many years and having the paparazzi outside our door every day – every single day – when that becomes your normal, you don’t realize how much that’s actually affecting the things you do until you actually leave and get out of it,” she explained. “The kids get to have a private way of growing up. So from that perspective, it was very important.”

Biel often talks about her love of being a mom, especially to two boys. 

“The best thing about being a boy mom is playing.” the actress shared. “I think playing with my sons is the most fun. Wrestling, playing LEGO, building LEGO, swimming, playing sports, reading together. I love spending time with them, and I love getting down and dirty with them on the floor and just having fun.”

She has also revealed that her sons have their parents’ passion for performing. 

“They are definitely showing us that they have that kind of interest in singing, acting, performing,” Biel said. “My older one is very funny, loves the jokes, kind of hammy. Into being a DJ. My little one is like Mick Jagger. He’s like, microphone, and dancing and ‘give me the spotlight.’ It’s crazy how they are who they are.”

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