Kevin Sorbo Stars in New Great American Series DESTINATION HEAVEN

Photo from Kevin Sorbo’s Instagram

Kevin Sorbo Stars in New Great American Series DESTINATION HEAVEN

By Movieguide® Contributor

GOD’S NOT DEAD actor Kevin Sorbo has taken on a new role in the Great American Pure Flix series DESTINATION HEAVEN.

“As people grapple with a myriad of difficulties in life, God the Father meets them face-to-face to help guide them through it,” a synopsis of the series reads.

In episode one, Sorbo plays a homeless man named Darrell who’s “been dealt a bad hand.”

“He’s become pretty bitter about it,” Sorbo described.

However, Darrell becomes friends with a businesswoman who hands him some money.

The two “actually end up helping each other.”

The unexpected lesson each of them learns in the episode is to never judge someone just by outward appearances and to always reach out to lend a helping hand.

“It’s great messaging, what they’re [Great American Pure Flix] doing,” Sorbo said. “Great American Pure Flix created the series, and it’s just a reminder to the people that God is always available for the toughest parts of people’s lives, and that’s what I think this series is all about.”

Sorbo made an appearance in DESTINATION HEAVEN because of its positive message and faith-based focus.

“Walt Disney said back in the 1950s that movies and television will influence our youth,” the actor said. “You certainly see the way it’s influenced the youth out there. You see the anger; you see the over-sexualization. The stuff they have on TV now today, you wouldn’t have that on the show even back in the 70s or 80s.”

“I get stopped all the time by people saying, ‘We love what you do. We love the products and projects you’re a part of. I know I can take my family to watch it,’” he added. “It’s pretty cool.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Sorbo’s faith in Hollywood:

Sorbo also discussed how being Christian in Hollywood is often seen as a “negative thing.”

“I’ve had a number of actors come up to me that I worked with and say, We appreciate your voice, and I go, ‘Why don’t you have a voice too? I mean, if you believe the same way I believe, what’s the problem?’” he explained.

“I’m going to keep fighting the good fight and doing the movies that I’m going to do,’ Sorbo continued. “I’m going to make movies that have love, hope, laughter, redemption, faith. I want movies that move people and make them think about things. I like wild movies too, but I like to do the movies that I want to do.”

DESTINATION HEAVEN debuted on Great American Pure Flix on May 24, and the story will unfold over the course of six episodes.

Along with Sorbo, the cast features Harry Lennix, who plays God, Emily Rose and Tim Bensch.

“It’s great to play God,” Lennix told Movieguide® of his role. “I have to tell you, I so love the scripts and the stories that are being told in this. And the fact that…it kind of shows that you can have a good time with God. You can have a good relationship. You can relax and be yourself. He knows who we are, and so I love that.”

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