Kirk And Tammy Franklin Announce New Dating Show, THE ONE

Screenshot from Kirk Franklin’s YouTube

Kirk And Tammy Franklin Announce New Dating Show, THE ONE

By Movieguide® Contributor

Christian singer Kirk Franklin and wife Tammy just launched a new reality series dedicated to helping others find love. 

The debut season of THE ONE sees the Franklins work as matchmakers for a bachelor and bachelorette in the Atlanta area, setting them up on dates with other single people and coaching them in their search for “the One.”

Franklin spoke to The Christian Post about THE ONE, sharing that he is not bothered by the idea that some people might criticize the show for not being faith-based. 

“I could care less about what the Christian community thinks of me. I could care less because I see so much dysfunction even in that own community,” Franklin said. “I see all of the painted pictures in front of all the ‘praise the Lord people’ and ‘God bless,’ but behind closed doors, people are broken and struggling and not happy.”

He continued, “I would rather be with broken people that are broken than be with people that don’t know they are broken. I don’t want to be around broken people because I think they’re broken; I just want to be around people. I would rather be around anybody who wants to have honest, real conversations and be able to engage.”

Even though THE ONE is not a Christian show, the Franklins are excited to share their faith with viewers. 

“With us doing a show like this, whether you’re working at the bank, that’s not a Christian location, but you’re there representing the light of God,” Tammy explained. “No matter what your job affiliation is, no different from us, we want to show that we can be people of faith, but people of faith are still entertaining. We can come alongside and coach anyone, not just people that profess our same faith.”

“Quite frankly, we want to be apart and do life with people and show the light of who we are within no matter what circle we’re in,” she concluded. 

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