LION KING Is Now Really King


By Jeff Holder, Contributing Editor

Move over, Phantom!

The family friendly musical THE LION KING is now officially the all time ticket sales ruler among Broadway shows. Based on the 1994 Disney animated movie of the same name, the movie was adapted for Broadway in 1997 and has gone on to earn over $853 million in ticket sales.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA held the title for most successful Broadway show for many years until being dethroned this past weekend by Simba, the little lion that couldn’t wait to be king. Last year, Disney released a 3D version of the movie THE LION KING, which went on to earn another $95 million at the domestic box office and nearly $77 million overseas!

It’s encouraging to see Broadway audiences embrace a positive show when there’s a trend toward darker, more anti-family stories on the New York City stage.

LION KING is a heroic tale of good versus evil that embodies many Christian allegorical elements.  It’s a terrific story no matter what medium you are watching.

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