Lord Have Mercy on Miley Cyrus and Hollywood

By David Outten

Miley Cyrus has gone from Disney Channel kid favorite to raunch queen performing simulated sex with a foam finger wearing a flesh colored costume while Robin Thicke repeatedly sang “Lord have mercy.”  Her behavior was an in-your-face rejection of decency. 

As offensive as the stage act was, the greater offense is the message it sends to youth. This former Disney child actress is remaking herself into a pied piper of immorality. Every gesture was as if to say, “I’ve sold my soul to the devil, and you Bible believing types can just go to. . . ” The “Lord have mercy” lyrics accompanying her behavior were a tweak at God.

Why does this happen?

It happens when there’s a disconnect between the image someone has been presenting and reality. Julie Andrews played one of the most beloved roles ever filmed in THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Julie Andrews was no Maria. She was actually concerned about the movie being too goody-two-shoes sweet. She later starred in movies that were more reflective of her less noble beliefs. They bombed.

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Do not expect Miley Cyrus’ star to rise with this new revelation of character. There are audiences that revel in rebellion against God and will appreciate her. There are much larger audiences that will elect to avoid her future work like the plague if it reflects the same attitude. 

The truth is God does desire mercy on Miley Cyrus and for any who share her anger and resentment. God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to make possible forgiveness and rebirth. The Apostle Paul rejoiced at the killing of Christians, but God transformed him into his spokesman to the Gentiles. God can transform Miley Cyrus. God can transform Hollywood.


Imagine a day when Hollywood is making movies like THE SOUND OF MUSIC with stars and crew whose heart’s desire is to honor God and minister to the lost. It may be that Hollywood becomes the Detroit of movie making. God could use other locations and distributors to produce the entertainment America wants.

Far more Americans want programs like THE BIBLE that aired on television earlier this year, than will ever want to see Miley Cyrus repeat her recent presentation.

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