The VMAs — Is Virtue Dead?

Virtue – Not Dead Yet!

The Video Music Awards show that aired Sunday night has generated a lot of shock and very little awe as America was subjected to an immoral display of obscenity that has lowered the bar of decency yet again.

Five things Miley can learn from Duck Dynasty..

Certain performances aimed at young girls were mostly met with reactions of anger and disgust from the public, including the “news” media.

Read more about Miley’s performance here..

Virtue isn’t dead in the media, however, and there’s some great movies you can watch without being ready to cover your own eyes.

Take a look:



Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +4

SOUL SURFER is a powerful story about young surfer Bethany Hamilton, who overcame great obstacles when a tiger shark took her arm while she was surfing. SOUL SURFER is an inspiring story with a wonderful performance by AnnaSophia Robb about a courageous young woman who has deep faith in Jesus Christ.



Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +3

PRIDE & PREJUDICE is another wonderful version of Jane Austen’s beloved novel about the romantic conflict between a young woman and a rich nobleman in England around the turn of the 19th Century. PRIDE & PREJUDICE is a magnificently accomplished, thoroughly engaging entertainment that strongly extols Christian virtues such as love, charity, and forgiveness.



Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +2

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3:  SENIOR YEAR brings the TV phenomenon to the big screen, in a story about Troy and Gabriella’s senior year, which includes conflicts during the production of a musical about their high school. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 is fun, clean, and full of energy, with a strong moral worldview where young people do the right thing. Bravo!


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