Meta Creates Four-Person Board to Advise Its AI Endeavors

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Meta Creates Four-Person Board to Advise Its AI Endeavors

By Movieguide® Contributor

As Meta looks to push further into the AI industry, the company set up an advisory board made up of four tech entrepreneurs to provide recommendations on how the company should pursue the technology moving forward.

“This advisory group is tasked with offering insights and recommendations on technological advancements, innovation and strategic growth opportunities,” a Meta spokesperson said in a statement.

“I’ve come to deeply respect this group of people and their achievements in their respective areas, and I’m grateful that they’re willing to share their perspective with Meta at such an important time as we take on new opportunities with AI and the metaverse,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg added in an internal note to employees, per Bloomberg.

The four-person advisory board is comprised of Nat Friedman, a tech investor and the former CEO of GitHub; Tobi Lütke, the founder and CEO of online shopping platform Shopify; Patrick Collison, the co-founder and chief executive of financial technology company Stripe; and Charlie Songhurst, a tech investor who formerly led several key acquisitions at Microsoft.

The establishment of the group comes roughly a month after Meta announced it is turning up the heat on its AI investments, focusing billions of dollars on AI infrastructure, research and product development.

“We expect capital expenditures will continue to increase next year as we invest aggressively to support our ambitious AI research and product development efforts,” Meta said in a statement in April.

Zuckerberg added to the statement, warning investors that Meta would increase spending “meaningfully before we make much revenue from some of these new products…On the upside, once our new AI services reach scale, we have a strong track record of monetizing them effectively.”

He later expanded on his long-term vision for the company, explaining that he wants Meta to be “the leading AI company in the world” and that he will continue to “invest significantly more over the coming years to build even more advanced models.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Meta’s plans for AI:

Meta recently announced plans for an AI system that will power the platform’s video components. 

Head of Facebook Tom Alison shared that Meta’s “technology roadmap that goes to 2026” will involve developing an AI model that will recommend videos and Reels to users. 

“We’ve really focused on kind of investing more in making sure that we can scale these models up with the right kind of hardware,” Alison explained. “Instead of just powering Reels, we’re working on a project to power our entire video ecosystem with this single model, and then can we add our Feed recommendation product to also be served by this model.”

He continued, “If we get this right, not only will the recommendations be kind of more engaging and more relevant, but we think the responsiveness of them can improve as well.”

Companies are already thinking about what this new AI algorithm could mean in terms of advertising.

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