Moviegoers Prefer Movies with No Sex, Annual Study Reports Again

Once again, Movieguide®’s Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry shows that moviegoers prefer movies with no sex. In fact, the more explicit sex a movie contained in 2009, the worse it did at the box office.

“This was especially clear in 2009,” said Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide®: The Family Guide to Movies, Entertainment and Culture. “Movies with no sex and no sexual immorality averaged significantly more money at the box office than movies with some or a lot of such content.”

This rejection of explicit sexual content was even true overseas, Dr. Baehr reports.

Movieguide®’s analysis of the Top 275 or so movies released in 2009 showed the following statistics:

* Amount of Sexual Content in 2009

Movies with No Sex Do Best!



% of All

B.O. Sum

Avg. B.O. 2009

No S




















Legend: No S = No Sexual Content or Immorality; S = Implied Sexual Content or Immorality; SS = Some Depicted Sexual Content or Strong Sexual Immorality; SSS = Excessive Depicted Sexual Content or Very Strong Sexual Immorality.

Of the Top 24 Movies Making $100 Million or More Overseas in 2009, Movieguide® found that only 25% had any depicted, strong, or very strong sexual content and/or immorality (SS, SSS).

Dr. Baehr will present these and other highlights from Movieguide®’s 2010 Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry Tues., Feb. 23, at the Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala, to be held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills, Calif.

At the Awards Gala, Dr. Baehr and Movieguide® will present more than 25 awards to the most family-friendly and inspiring movies, television programs, and performances in 2009.

Movieguide® has been analyzing the content of movies and comparing box office numbers since 1991.

“We have found similar results in practically all of our previous studies,” Dr. Baehr noted.