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Text With Jesus? New AI App Allows Users to ‘Message’ Biblical Figures

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

Text With Jesus? New AI App Allows Users to ‘Message’ Biblical Figures

By Movieguide® Contributor

Text With Jesus, a new AI-powered app, allows users to “chat” with Biblical figures like Jesus, Mary and Old Testament prophets. 

“The ability to ask questions and receive answers from a facsimile of Biblical figures adds a personal touch and contextual understanding that may elude casual readers,” said Stéphane Peter, the president and CEO of Catloaf Software, the company behind the app. “The AI’s robust conversational skills and contextual memory enable dynamic, meaningful interactions.”

While many have expressed concerns about the growing popularity of AI technology, Peter said the technology inspired her, and she wants to use it to make the Bible more accessible. 

“Recognizing the growing prevalence and potential of AI, I saw an opportunity to expand on the Texts From Jesus app concept by creating a more interactive and engaging experience,” she explained. “Thus, the Text With Jesus app was born, designed to appeal to our existing users and any other Christians intrigued by a novel approach to exploring the Bible.”

Peter shared that Text With Jesus pulls information from multiple versions of the Bible and a large selection of Christian literature. Users can also “customize” their experience by requesting a specific faith perspective, such as Catholic or evangelical. 

“This principle is at the heart of the language model instructions for each Biblical figure within the app,” Peter said. “The AI’s default ‘guideline’ is to respond to user inquiries using Bible quotes, keeping conversations rooted in Biblical context regardless of the topic.”

In another interview, Peter explained that Text With Jesus is not meant “to replace traditional Bible study methods, but rather enhance them by offering a tool that makes the Bible’s narratives more immediate and personal,” adding that it also “serves as a valuable resource for small groups, Sunday School classes and church sermons, opening avenues for further discussion and reflection.”

Catloaf Software also offers an app called Texts From Jesus, which sends users daily Bible verses. 

“Who hasn’t wanted to hear from Jesus once in awhile? How about every day?” their website reads. “Now you can, and not just in the King James version but also as Modern English. All messages come from the New Testament, as well as optionally from some gnostic texts such as the Gospel of Thomas.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Text With Jesus:

Many other companies are using AI technology to spread a message of faith. 

Christian Headlines reported on an app called “Text With Jesus,” an AI-powered app that allows users to “text” biblical figures like Jesus, Mary and the apostles. 

Catloaf Software, the company behind the app, said they wanted to “offer Christians a new and engaging way to interact with Scripture.”

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