Peace on Earth to Those in Hollywood Who Please God

Peace on Earth to Those in Hollywood Who Please God

By Ted Baehr, Publisher

The worldview of Movieguide® can be traced back to that glorious time when the angels visited the shepherds in the fields when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Were it not for what we celebrate each Christmas, there would be no Christian Film & Television Commission® dba MOVIEGUIDE®.

It’s been our joy and privilege to bring the Good News to Hollywood. We absolutely delight in giving awards annually to movies and television programs that share elements of this Good News with audiences.

The Good News is that God wants to see Earth more like Heaven. We who work at Movieguide® get to be ambassadors of Heaven. When we give awards, or meet with filmmakers, we get to share God’s love and grace. We get to promote Heaven on earth.

I’d like to thank those in the entertainment industry who’ve been making movies and programs that share the biblical values that make families stronger and society more civil. May God bless you richly this season and throughout the next year. May your movies and programs make Earth more like Heaven. May you and your family enjoy more and more of God’s peace, love and blessing.

As the angels told the shepherds guarding their sheep, “Peace on Earth to everyone who pleases God!”

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