Pro-Life Movie UNPLANNED a ‘Best-Seller’ Before Releasing on DVD

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Pro-Life Movie UNPLANNED a ‘Best-Seller’ Before Releasing on DVD

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

The UNPLANNED DVD releases on Tuesday, August 13th, but that hasn’t stopped the pre-sales from ranking among Amazon’s “best-seller” list in the Drama DVD category. UNPLANNED follows the true story of abortion clinic director turned- pro-life activist Abby Johnson.

UNPLANNED received push back on many levels upon its release in theaters in March 2019. Major platforms like Facebook refused to take money for ads about the movie, theaters in Canada refused to screen the movie for some time (eventually UNPLANNED made its way into a few theaters).

Despite the struggle, UNPLANNED earned the No. 4 box office spot for opening weekend, and the DVD release appears to be promising for the pro-life/faith-based movie.

UNPLANNED said via Twitter, “No promotion. No ads. We’ve barely mentioned our DVD release on social media.”

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UNPLANNED’s message proves very countercultural today’s ideology.

Director of pro-life ministry, 40 Days for Life, Shawn Carney exclusively told Movieguide® that parent might want to show to the movie to their older children:

“It’s why I think the DVD release is going to be huge because there are a lot of parents that were unsure [of the movie] understandably so, but young people need to see it. Every high-schooler needs to see it for sure, with their parents, but buying the Blu-ray and the DVD allows parents to watch it and then decide what we’re going to show. Are we going to show the whole thing, what we’re going to fast-forward, what we’re going to mute, just whatever we’re going to do.”

Lead actress Ashley Bratcher and real-life Abby Johnson opened up to Movieguide®  about the power behind UNPLANNED:

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Will your family purchase a copy of UNPLANNED?

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