Project Veritas Secretly Records CNN Conference Calls, Reveals Network’s Dishonesty

Photo is a screenshot from Fox News HANNITY

Project Veritas Secretly Records CNN Conference Calls, Reveals Network’s Dishonesty

By Movieguide® Staff

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas recently revealed they secretly recorded CNN’s daily conference calls over the course of two months.

O’Keefe told Sean Hannity on Fox New’s HANNITY that Project Veritas plans to regularly reveal individual snippets of the CNN calls before publicizing whole raw files.

Most recently, audiotapes revealed that CNN’s President Jeff Zucker attacked President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani due to Giuliani’s involvement in the Hunter Biden email controversy.

Zucker and CNN Political Director David Chalian discussed how the news organization could avoid The New York Post’s story, which uncovered Hunter Biden’s questionable foreign business dealings before and after his father, Joe Biden, was in office as vice president.

Two days after the Post published the Hunter Biden story, Zucker targeted Giuliani.

Giuliani’s lawyer originally obtained a copy of Biden’s laptop hard drive and later shared its contents with the press.

“There is a term for what Rudy Giuliani is suspected of being, which is ‘useful idiot,'” Zucker said on the monitored conference call. “On the Rudy Giuliani story, this is a really important story. It gets tied to the Hunter Biden disinformation campaign. That’s the way we do this because it’s all tied and part-and-parcel of one.

Zuker then joked that Giuliani had gone “from ‘America’s mayor’,” which referred to Giuliani’s nickname after the events of 9/11, “to ‘useful idiot’.”

In a different call, Zucker spoke to another person about how to present misinformation. Project Veritas referred to the call participant named “Carl.”

“The real craziness is the client, not the lawyers,” Carl told Zucker. “And I wonder if maybe we ought to be pointing that out rather specifically. This gets back to Mary Trump even.”

Carl referenced the president’s niece, psychologist and frequent CNN guest Mary Trump. She profited off the family name with a book that slammed the president.

“This is his pathology. We’re back to a sociopath. I’m not saying we should use that word ‘sociopath’ as we say, but what others who have dealt with him — [Former Defense Secretary James] Mattis, all of them — coming away saying, ‘This man is crazy.’ That’s the real story, in some way,” Carl explained.

“Right,” Zucker agreed. “Well, I think you raise a good point about not just pawning it off on the crazy legal team, but the client is the one who is directing the crazy legal team.”

Hannity spoke with Project Veritas founder O’Keefe, who said, “We haven’t heard from anyone” after CNN Communications threatened law enforcement against O’Keefe.

“People don’t know they’re being lied to, but these tapes show that the top-down approach to media, they show Zucker telling people what to cover, what not to cover — calling [Giuliani] a ‘useful idiot’ there, telling them for political reasons don’t cover certain stories,” O’Keefe said. “Sean, these are the times that try men’s souls and I think if you go one direction, you lose your conscience, another direction, you lose your livelihood. But there are brave people like the person we worked with regarding CNN who are willing to be citizen journalists, willing to expose these sorts of things.”

O’Keefe added: “We need an army of these people reporting on our media because CNN and places like CNN may have more power than all three branches of government if they’re working with Google and Facebook to propagandize the masses…

“Investigative reporting is about unearthing facts from the bottom. That’s not what you’re seeing here,” O’Keefe explained. “You’re seeing how the sausage is made, you’re seeing how the media actually works.”

Project Veritas said that future tapes feature Zucker berating President Trump over the election and the president’s demand for a recount in some states.