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Redeeming the Values of the Mass Media and the Culture:

A List of Ministry Accomplishments, 1985-2010

The mass media creates the culture that shapes the hearts and minds of children and teenagers. By the time he reaches 17, the average

child will have spent more than 63,000 hours with the mass media, according to recent figures from the MPAA, the Kaiser Family Foundation, the U.S. Census Bureau, and other groups, but only 800 hours in church, if he attends a church service once every week!



The goal of MOVIEGUIDE® and the Christian Film & Television Commission® (CFTVC), including the Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry, is to redeem the values of the mass media and, thereby, redeem the character of children and teenagers, our future leaders.


Here are some of our accomplishments toward that end:


  • In the last 10 years, from 2001-2010, movies with very strong Christian worldviews have averaged $67,260,418 at the box office, up from $21.14 million in 1995, the year we began the Epiphany Prize competition for Most Inspiring Movie of the Year.


  • Thus, for the last 10 years, each $1,000 donated to MOVIEGUIDE® or the Gala generates $67,260 in leverage for each movie with very strong Christian worldviews. From 2001-2010, there were 106 such movies, so each $1,000 generated $7,129,560 at the box office in terms of very strong Christian worldviews alone!


  • To put it another way, the cost of each $1,000 was only $0.00014 for every dollar generated at the box office per positive movie.


  • In 2010, movies with very strong Christian worldviews averaged $63,513,947, generating ticket sales of about 8,090,949 per movie, totaling $825,551,311 for all 13 movies with very strong Christian worldviews, or about 105,165,772 ticket sales (the National Association of Theater Owners estimates that the average ticket price in 2010 was $7.85). And, this doesn’t include what such movies earned in 2011!


  • Thus, each $1,000 donated in 2010 generated about $63,514 per Christian movie, or $825,551 total. To put it another way, the cost effectiveness of each $1,000 donated to this ministry in 2010 was only $0.0000157 per movie or $0.0000012 overall.


  • Also, each $1,000 donated in 2010 generated nearly 8,091 ticket sales per Christian movie, or about 105,166 ticket sales overall.


  • Since the Awards Gala began 19 years ago, the number of movies with at least some positive Christian content has increased from 10.38% of all major movies to more than half, 59.63%, a percentage increase of 496%.


  • This success not only has impacted the big blockbuster, or tentpole, movies released by the top decision makers and opinion leaders, or key players, in Hollywood, it also affects the small, independent movies distributed by the key players in Hollywood. Thus, in the wake of the success of such Christian blockbusters like THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and THE LORD OF THE RINGS movies, the top two small, independent movies at the box office from 2007 to 2010 by far were also Christian ones, FIREPROOF, with $33.46 million in earnings in the United States and Canada, and AMAZING GRACE, with $21.25 million in earnings. MOVIEGUIDE®’s support of such movies is clearly making a big difference.


  • Finally, according to the Motion Picture Association of America a couple years ago, Hollywood spends an average of more than $106 million to produce, distribute, and market each movie, but the annual budget of this ministry is less than $2 million per year.


The cost effectiveness of MOVIEGUIDE® and CFTVC, including the Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry, is inescapable and quite striking. It deserves the support of every concerned citizen and group who cares about the future of our children and grandchildren!