Soviet Communist Stooge Was an Early Obama Mentor

One of president Obama’s early mentors in Illinois politics was Alice Palmer, a Communist Party member who wrote positive pieces about the Soviet Union and some of its satellite countries, including East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria.

Obama was Palmer’s chief of staff when she was an Illinois State Senator in the 1990s, the very seat that Obama eventually took before he became a U.S. Senator.

It was Palmer who introduced Obama at Obama’s political fundraiser held in the home of Marxist terror bomber Bill Ayers!

Palmer worked with the International Organization of Journalists (IOJ), a documented Soviet front group. As IOJ vice president in the 1980s, Palmer worked closely with the highest levels of the Soviet propaganda machine, including the Soviet journal “Izvestia.” In 1991, Palmer honored Ishmael Flory, a veteran leader of the Illinois Communist Party USA.

– Sources: AIP News, 11/17/09.


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