Terry Crews Talks Being Born Again: ‘The Reset Button’ 

Terry Crews Talks Being Born Again: ‘The Reset Button’ 

By Movieguide® Contributor

After Terry Crews’ wife left him over his pornography addiction, he got real with God and learned what it means to be born again.

“I knew the phrase ‘born again,’ but I never acted on it,” Crews said. “It was something that you said. I remember asking out loud, ‘Why doesn’t my wife believe me?’ And once she left, the question became, ‘Why was I lying?’ Two different ways to see that. ‘Why was I lying in the first place?’”

“I realized I needed to press the reset button for real on my whole life,” he continued. “And this is where being born again meant something. It wasn’t a phrase. It wasn’t something people said. You had to be a new person.”

Because Crews was willing to open himself up to the power of Christ and allow Him to change his heart, his wife came back and allowed their marriage to continue despite years’ worth of lies about his sexual sin.

She also began to see changes in other areas of his life, including decreased hatred and anger that had ruled Crews’ life. As he was born again, all areas of his life began to better reflect Christ.

“I have discovered strength in vulnerability, for who was stronger and yet more vulnerable than Jesus, who loved the poor and weak and defied the Pharisees,” he wrote in a Guideposts essay. “Who sacrificed his earthly life so we could live with him in heaven. What requires more vulnerability than to forgive and be forgiven? Well, I’m working on that.”

While this was an extremely difficult trial in the couple’s marriage, Crews now uses his story to spread the Gospel and help others realize just how deep God’s saving grace is and that it can provide healing for any sin.

“Through years and years, me and my wife, we went through tears, we went through pain, we went through counseling, we went through prayer, we went through everything and we were able to rebuild our marriage stronger than ever,” Crews said. “Now, I thank God every day, every day that our marriage was rebuilt.”

He also used his platform to raise awareness about pornography addiction and why men should seek help rather than hide the problem.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Actor and activist Terry Crews recently revealed how his marriage to Rebecca King-Crews nearly ended because of his pornography addiction.

The couple opened up about how Crews’ addiction affected their marriage on the “PEOPLE Every Day” show with host Janine Rubenstein.

“The best piece of advice I ever got was a good friend of mine, he was the first guy I called when Rebecca was like, ‘don’t come home.’ He said ‘Terry, you need to get better for you,’” Crews said. “You have to understand that was a watershed moment. In my culture, as a man in sports, you do things to get things. You do good things to get cookies, you know? You work hard to get money … but to actually improve just for yourself, that was a foreign thought.”

Crews, 52, noted that his successful career and time in the limelight did not help his willingness to address the issue.